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Sellers post Buyer Requests :(


Most sellers use buyer request to advertise their gigs. I think It’s a illegal thing. So when we going to offer to a buyer, sometimes that person is a seller with fake buyer request. (It waste our 1/10 BR :rage: ) Sometimes they use shorted URLs. It’s a very big trouble. Fiverr, Please Can you handle this issue? Thank you very much.

Note : BUYER REQUESTS Feature – Basics for Sellers – WHAT AND WHERE IS BR?


Yes, actually it is the only thing i hate the most. I guess, a day before yesterday. I had 40 buyer request or more. From which, half of them were sellers advertising their work. Need a solution for this.


aaaaaaaaaand the post I created about this same topic missed you?


This topic has been discussed so many times over, it’s better to just contact Customer Support directly or to add to existing threads in the correct category. Here is an active thread on it for 2017 and you can find many others in a search: