Sellers posting advertisements in Buyer Requests


I went through the entire category. Every single one was a seller offering their gig, usually in bad English. Really ironic, but just as frustrating. I’m just stupefied, honestly. There wasn’t one actual request out of over 60 listed.


Sadly, that’s something you need to get used to.
I avoid the buyer’s request because of that!

I guess you either need to learn to ignore it, scroll through a lot of stuff and look for an actual “request,” or simply stay away from it. Yeah, kinda sad.


I guess so. I’m going to have to learn how to advertise more effectively, apparently.


When you try to post a genuine request as a buyer it gets denied.
The buyer requests area needs a fix.
There are numerous threads regarding this issue and hopefully Fiverr is working on it.


Yeah. I left a couple of “requests” for them. Hoping they would, being the idiots they seem to be, accept it thinking they’re the ones getting the money and I end up with money in my wallet.


Absolutely true !

Fiverr should take hard steps against this kind of people :confused:



I wouldn’t give up on buyer’s request, though. When a genuine buyer does post there, they will be looking for someone with flawless writing skills - someone like you.

I recently posted a request to find a seller to beta read my novella and analyze the structure/pace/realistic scenarios, etc. The bidding went from as low as $5 to high as $250.

Not one of them offered the one thing I asked them to do in the bid - “Your bid must include one revision.”

One seller bid $250 with, and I quote: “Edit, polish, proofread your work. Contact me please.”

** Sigh ** :frowning:

I wasn’t looking to get my work polished, edited or proofread. My max budget was $200 and lastly, it did not include the one revision.

I had 28 offers.

At least half were poorly written, some gave me too much information - things that I don’t need nor wanted but they offered me all these perks - which only highlighted their writing skills.

What I am getting at is that sellers like you would stand out in a crowd of 28.

Who knows, tomorrow there maybe 85 sellers advertising and ONE lowly genuine buyer looking for an editor/proofreader/beta reader.

Hey, no promise you will find a buyer, just saying you actually have a great writing gig.


I am curious on how that conversation would go? :laughing:


I get those “requests” from time to time but I usually just delete them. It also bothers me that sellers could do this.


Maybe I could manage to trick them somehow. Maybe I’m wrong about how this system works. I haven’t gotten a chance to use it since I have no orders yet. Not even views either… which is pretty strange. Probably a glitch.


I really hope so. Every new post today was from the same poor typers who somehow think they can edit.

I suppose an actual buyer has to show up eventually!


I will kreate a logo 4 u 4 $5


They don’t know that no one can see their profile :stuck_out_tongue: Only their request

I saw a very intelligent person once he wrote something like this

Hi i need simple work $25 is my budget click here “”

when i clicked on it i had no idea i was going to see his profile with 33 reviews

it made me laugh for a while, Its stupid but people usually find a way ;D