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Sellers posting advertisements on Buyer Requests

I recently noticed some sellers are posting there advertisements about their gigs on buyer request forum :-S

I find it really annoying and unethical :frowning:

What do you think? B-)



Reply to @kjblynx: OO! That is such a good idea~ I wish I’d thought of it.

Reply to @kjblynx: Ha haa epic :smiley: I should try is sometimes

Honestly, I think it’s mostly users who’s first language isn’t English. They think it’s a category to post up their gig and don’t quite understand it fully. I got a few people that got offended when I responded with a gig relevant to what they asked, only to find out they were offering it and found it incredibly rude that I requested my gig. Silly, but yeah. I am sure some do it as they believe they will garner extra sales, sadly.

Reply to @freelancemm: See, that’s what I think too. I don’t like the idea of reporting them just because they don’t understand. Plus, I nearly thought that because I used 3 offers or so, and still haven’t heard back from any of them. The request is still open, even though some 20+ people applied. Something seems off there, I just can’t tell what. :confused:

Reply to @bigmish: Well, in regards to a buyer request still being open after many requests. I occasionally post up buyer requests myself. I have 31 people that applied, and maybe out of them only 5 actually listened to what I asked for(Although out of those five, maybe one or two could actually do what I wanted in specific.). Others seem to want to spam their other gigs because their gig isn’t in the category I requested in. Essentially, it’s kind of broken to pieces and need to be revised a bit.

yes i am surprised how gonna they do that

The only thing that surprise me how fiver approve their advertising gig stuff to buyer’s request -_-

@manuramds In most cases, reading what they’ve written makes it seem like they genuinely think–as others have commented–that they are posting their offer in the right place. This happens on other platforms as well, per my conversations with those on them.

@bilalzaheer I suppose it’s a matter of priorities. We know the technology exists to be able to suss out most of them programmatically; at a minimum, they can be flagged by the computer and reviewed by a person. Unfortunately, there are probably lots of other things those same employees are charged with doing which take precedence.

I have found that this is still happening. I started this week and thought I was in the wrong at first because so many people were doing it.