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Sellers posting buyer request [REDIRECTED]


Hi there,
Hope you all are good. Well I’ve been on fiverr for some while( still trying to make my first sale ) and I give the buyer’s request a lot of time and Importance but I’ve seen alot of sellers have been posting on it and its just so irritating because their so called “request” is actually an offer about what wonders they can make. Now I’m fimiliar enough with the way fiverr works but I don’t think there’s any way a buyer can make an offer(in the same way sellers do using buyer’s request) to a seller who has posted in buyer’s request area. If there’s a way for sellers to benefit from by posting in buyer’s request then its fine with me but if its not then its seriously ridiculous that they(sellers) are wasting ours, as well as their time. And finally, I guess its the buyers who are supposed to be posting request in buyer’s request section because thats why its named "buyer’s request"
Kindly educate me about this.


Easy - please don’t post your gigs in buyer requests.

Some sellers do - they’ll get caught soon enough and dealt with.

Good luck!


I hope they do get caught. :smiley:


Please see all the other posts making exactly the same point/asking exactly the same question in the forum.

It’s easy: search for “sellers buyer request”


I agree. A current thread for 2017 is in the proper category here: