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Sellers posting byers request

Please is it a new trend now that sellers advertise their gigs by posting buyers requests? i myself have not sold a gig since i got here, sellers advertising their gig in the only promising place that i can make sales makes it difficult for me i believe. and it doesn’t by anyway sound right or fair, unless it also make up the work hard ethics i have been made to believe since i got here.

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Click on the hyperlink, you’ll see this is an ongoing issue. 344 votes so far.


Yes, it is annoying that sellers post there. These sellers do not understand that the only people that can see them are other sellers.

I was curious about the offers they had received so when I first started 7 months ago I contacted one of them once to make an offer. The seller posting there was shocked that he was not getting any jobs but instead was receiving offers from other sellers to sell them their service. :laughing: So do not concern yourself, because the sellers that post there are not getting any work. :dizzy:


lol yea i thought about that for a while too though. you are right. but it still needs to be stopped i guess

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It can also be ignored. I just scroll by the seller ones, or click remove if I feel like it.


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