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Sellers posting in buyer request

I see many sellers posting in buyer request to get orders. Isn’t it against the Fiverr ToS? I do not know how their request gets accepted.

I think there should be an option to report these sellers on buyer request. Even if somehow they manage to sneak past the Fiverr team, we can report them so that Fiverr team can look into it.

What do you guys think?


I disagree. If there was an option for users to report posts in the Buyer Request section, what would stop nefarious users from reporting perfectly good buyer requests, just because they didn’t like that BR?

The solution is not to let people go on reporting sprees just for the heck of it, the answer is for people to stop complaining, and just skip over the seller posts.

Sellers posting in the Buyer Request section is wrong… but just because there are inappropriate seller posts there, doesn’t mean that there are any less buyer posts. Skip over the sellers, and respond to the buyers. It’s as simple as that.


I disagree. If there was an option for users to report posts in the Buyer Request section, what would stop nefarious users from reporting perfectly good buyer requests, just because they didn’t like that BR?

What could stop them is that they could get into trouble for doing it, by their reports being checked by a Fiverr mod. People reporting without good reason could get warned or suspended etc. from accessing the “send quotes” section and/or their reports could be given a lower weighting for a particular amount of time (meaning their reports would count less (or even not at all) towards a buyer request actually disappearing from the normal “buyer request” page for that amount of time).

The problem with that idea, though, is that it would require even more manpower from Fiverr. Fiverr already has their hands full with the features and updates that they currently manage. Creating yet another feature that would need constant policing, seems like something that would be rather low on their to-do list.

I agree with your assessment. Alternatively, although it low balls the premise slightly, a buyer may see an advertisement for what they came looking for. Which, in theory, is what drove them there and the entire reason behind the gig marketplace.

On a side note- a big thanks. I’ve just returned from a three year absence, I’m totally baffled by the amount of changes both front end and back end. I’m trying to get my footing and your posts are serving as a course in many of the challenges.

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I’m glad that I could be of service. And I’m honored to hear that my tips and advice here on the forums have been helpful as you reacquaint yourself with the always-changing Fiverr. :slight_smile:

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If it is frustrating, you may remove them as they are appeared.

Is really Fiverr doing something with this ‘unfair’ sellers?
Not one nor two but three times the same seller put his ‘request’

It´s boring to be hiding this spammers once and again.

How is this “unfair”? Wrong, and a misuse of the Buyer Request page, yes, but “unfair”, no. Let’s not be too overdramatic about the sellers on the BR page.

Just skip over the sellers in BR, and move on to the buyer posts. Complaining on the forums about sellers posting in BR was already old news yesterday.

Unfair as they’re promoting in a way legal sellers don´t do, without punish of any kind.
I do this everyday ( hide their ‘requests’ ) so better take your advice for yoursefl :wink:
Complaining (but no alone, it’s better in group) is a way of pression in order Fiverr will solve this.
In Spain we say an idiom: “El que no llora, no mama” , the equivalent in english would be 'Squeaky wheel gets the grease’
I expect you get the idea :wink:

This is incorrect. Fiverr does preview and approve all buyer requests. I am uncertain why some still make it through that approval process, but, I can assure you, Fiverr DOES delete and remove both inappropriate buyer requests, and sellers using the BR section to promote their gigs.

Fiverr DOES “punish” and maintain the BR section.

Why would I need to “take my own advice”? I rarely post requests as a buyer in BR, and I have never promoted my gigs as BR ads. Your comment here makes no sense.

No, it really isn’t. Fiverr staff does not read complaints here on the forum, nor are they going to solve this just because you complained. Complaining here doesn’t put any pressure on Fiverr whatsoever, it merely gives the volunteer moderators more incessant and unending posts to moderate.

I am well aware of what the phrase “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” means, however, here on this forum, that’s not how it works. The louder you complain about this, the less the rest of us are going to listen. This issue with BR has been so overly addressed by certain Fiverr sellers (most often new sellers who don’t read the forums before complaining) that most of us veterans have given up responding to it. I’m glad you have a passion for righting a wrong, but your wheels won’t be getting any grease here. :wink:

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@umair_673 it has been discussed in the post below. Feel free to contribute to that poll


Ok! Just voted in the pull.

Jonbass , if you don’t use BR or do barely …then why are you talking about it?
Here are several sellers which almost the only way to get a work is this way ,so wanting an equal treatment for all of us ( unknowing a rule doesn’t free you from responsability ) is a fair goal. In Spain (and I think in english reagions )‘take your advice for yourself’ means 'I didn’t ask for your advice ’ Had I better to use ‘save’ instead of ‘take’? Posibilly , I only tried not to be so rude.
The other points surely you know better than I if you’re inside Fiverr staff ,but this is not the impression many sellers have, so it’s normal to complain .Are you bored of reading the same? Ignore us and don’t read, it’s easy and simple.
And the last one ,I only put as a approximate translation of my language idiom not to explain yours , I think this was implicit so hold your horses… I see you tense.

Unfortunately buyer request is full of spammer I have to trash a lot of fake “request” just to find few real offer that I could replay.


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Exactly, that’s the point.
We as sellers ( and supporters of Fiverrs via its commision) wouldn’t do this filter work which is an extra work for us. It’s ok we have to filter our buyers so we can offer the service best suitable for us but if we’ve to do with another sellers too, it’s a bit chaotic and by far not professional.

is spam men !!! if fiverr can integrate a function for seller to post as well??

This is not going to happen. Sellers should NOT be posting in Buyer Request. Sellers already have their gigs listed in the category pages – which are found directly within the search system. Sellers already have those places in which buyers can find their gigs. There is no need or reason to add a new feature where sellers can post spam trying to convince people to “buy my gigs”. Such an addition would have absolutely no use to the buyer – which means it would be useless for the spammy sellers as well.