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Sellers Posting In Buyers Request section

Hello fiverr users. Hope you’re good today.
First of all i apologies for my bad english . Its my second language and im trying my best.

I got a mini-story that bothered me these 2 last weeks. Im a new seller since april and im still learning about fivver’s system . I got in 1st month my Level One Status and i lost it cause i used some words like “payment interegetion” (im web developer,so i need to use this words) . Long story short i didnt knew that i will lost my Status from this, and i accept it. I will get it back again 7 i will be more careful.

So enough with the prologue.
The last 2 weeks im geting messages with offers from a specific web developer. Its copy/paste spams. I ignored him.

Then i show the same user posting an ad about his services in “Buyers Request” Section.

I asked Customers Support if this was allowed.

The answer was simple. No you cant advertise your services in this section. Plus send us The name of any user still doing this.

Well. I did what they told me.

And today i almost went mad. The same user send me another “gorgeous” Spam offer as message. And later on posted again in the buyers request section his ad.

So i would like you share your opionion on this subject. Cause i dont understand how fair -or not the fiverr system is. And i think the Buyers request will change name into “Spam your Ad here”

Sorry for the long post and my bad english .Im trying my best here. And i found that situation kinda unfair.

Have a good day everyone :slight_smile:

What I can tell you is that Fiverr has been outright banning some sellers for posting in the Buyer Request section. As far as I can see, the biggest problem for Fiverr is that there are so many people doing it, they must be having a hard time catching up with all of them.

They don’t want to accidentally ban someone who is a buyer but has poor English and writes their buyer request with incorrect words. They also don’t want to accidentally ban people who are both buyers and sellers (and many people are) so that means that they have to try to carefully read hundreds of messages posted there every day. That is a nearly impossible task with the small staff, so right now many sellers are still slipping through.

The best thing that we can all due is to continue to submit tickets to Customer Support when we see one that we can recognize as a seller. You also have to only submit one ticket for each time they post. If you submit 2 or 3 tickets on someone in the same day, you might be in trouble for spamming with tickets.

In your situation, send a ticket each day that you see him and put a screen shot in the ticket. After you send a ticket, click the remove link on him in buyer requests. In your inbox, if he is sending you regular messages you can click report there too.

Hello. Hope you’re good. I totally agree. And i understand that is hard to find who is really spamming ads about their services. But when i send a screenshot with this add " I am providing any type of WORDPRESS website, i am new here on Fiverr Give me a chance to work for you to deliver outstanding Website. Full Website Creation" and im seeing the same person posting again. … I just want ot laugh… Anyway. i think you helped me alot with your information. But i dont really want to bother Customer Support with those kind of tickets. Thank you very much once again :slight_smile:

Thanks. Just remember that Customer Support can do their jobs best with our help! I always encourage people to report other users who are breaking rules. The combined group of sellers and buyers on Fiverr is massive while Fiverr staff is comparitively small. I know that not everyone wants to create tickets for these kinds of things, but it is really the only way to get them stopped. Regardless, good luck with your gigs!

This is so annoying, I completely agree.