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Sellers posting in Buyer's Request

Am I the only one who is tired of trying to wade through the numerous sellers who keep posting in the Buyer’s requests?

It is annoying, and I wish there was a button I could click to report them. Buyer’s Request is for buyers requesting things, it’s not for sellers.

I guess some people just can’t read.
I think fiverr is taking action regarding this issue. Cause the number of sellers posting on the “buyer request” section is deteriorating everyday.

I wonder if those sellers actually end up finding some orders there? hahaha… I think most buyers do not have the time to look at buyer’s requests…

Yeah, Fiverr needs to double their maintenance on buyer’s requests… :confused:

One more way for spammers to post their spam!
They use to directly contact you with their “offers” now they use this channel and also the forum to do what they do best SPAM.

Reply to @theratypist: unfortunately, buyers don’t read it but it’s we the sellers that hastily send one precious gig offer to that well crafted self marketing ad… Sad.