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Sellers posting in requets?

I’m new, I’m assuming sellers aren’t suppose to be posting in request but only answering them? If so, why aren’t they removed? It clutters things up. Or am I wrong?

A new feature allows you to remove requests quickly and efficiently yourself. As you scroll down the list of requests, just keep your mouse on Remove Request and click as you go.

Ok, but what does this actually do, other than to remove the request from our individual request view ? Does it flag the spammer ? Does it automatically report the spammer ?

As far as I know, it only hides it from your view.

This aggravates everybody, but we don’t have a long-term solution yet. The hiding does help, on days when the spam is particularly bad, and maybe someday we’ll get a real spam flag. Until then we simply live with it. :slight_smile:

My problem, and I’m sure it’s not just me, is that 100% of the requests I can see are actually spam.

Fiverr should have a report button, like they do in the inbox and on here but I guess they realize it’s just too much hard work to try and combat all that spam in the BR market? LOL.