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Sellers Proposal Count


who else think the max amount of job proposals a seller can send in a day is too smalll. i think the fiverr team should bump it up to about 20 like on upwork


In up work, they have 30 proposals in a month and in Fiverr they give 10 proposals in a day. So I don’t agree with this.


On Upwork, you get 60 connects per month, unless you’re willing to pay to have more, and whenever applying for a job, you have to spend 1-5 connects.

On Fiverr, you get 10 offers per day; if you send 10 every day, it means that you have 280-310 offers per month, without paying, making it a lot more than you get on Upwork.






Personally I think it should be even less so that spammers would think for a second. If you find that 280+ proposals a month is not enough for you then most likely you’re not picking the right requests to bid on.
I appreciate you’ve taken the time to add a video to your gig, but your gig description is not perfect. You might wish to go over it once more.

If you’ve maxed out daily limit every day since April and you have only 1 order then the problem is not with the number of proposals. The problem is with your gig. Work on that :wink:


that mean fiverr is way better


i also love this resource


very well illustrated …


10 proposals are enough, in my opinion.
We should first understand what buyer needs and then send request.
I see many times that some seller spam and post a seller request in buyer requests and advertise their services.
even they get 50+ proposals from sellers.
So, if we use it wisely, I think 10 is an enough number.


sounds wonderfull, but i will some sellers are really stupid


Well, :slight_smile: I cant say them as stupid.Once I was new and did not got order for a month.I also thought perhaps I should post here is buyer request.
But after getting warning I never did this again :slight_smile:


so there actually bare risk doing that or how?


I think when a person newly join fiverr then fiverr cant guess if he is a buyer or seller. at this time if he post his services in buyer request, then there is a chance that they may go in buyer request section,

But once you create service/gig , after that you are a seller and you cant post in buyer request.I think fiverr email was very clear to me that if I will attempt it again my account will be deleted.




i buyer request feed is full of ton of sheet sellers trying to make a sale :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


Why? Why ?Why? How It Possible


Fiverr provides us the highest number of proposal than other sites. No site will provide you 10 proposal for per day. that’s mean you will get 300 proposal per month on the other hand you will get only 60 connect per month on upwork. they cut 2 connect for each proposal. But fiverr cut only one offer for each proposal. So I thinks, Fiverr provides us maximum number of proposal than other sites.

It’s better than any other sites ever.


I don’t understand why there even is a limit? What is the harm done in offering your services to everyone who may need it? :thinking: Or are people sending offers to people who didn’t request one? I’ve never used the feature myself and haven’t gotten requests myself.


So Fiverr actually does warn those sellers posting in Buyer Requests? I like hearing that. :+1: for Fiverr!