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Sellers protection?

Hello. The buyer didn’t contact me and ordered the basic gig, for his project. I had sent him a message immediately. He answered 20 hours after…
We discussed a little bit about price , and I offered him different options with a good price, cause I thanked that it was just kind of misunderstanding (now I’m not so sure). I had to cancel his order, because he didn’t accept my extra , didn’t confirmed our deal, and he just didn’t respond me…What will happens now?I canceled his order 38 hour after he ordered it (cause I just was waiting for any answer from him)But it’ll be closed in 40 hours - bad rating ??? and ¨order not delivered¨ ? Have the sellers any kind of protection in this case??

Well, for one, you need to protect youself. You can add wording about requiring contact but Fiverr likes buyers to be able to one click order so that wording doesn’t mean a lot. You might want to come up with something you will do for base price and state that if the buy without contacting first, they will receive only that. An artist might offer a rough pencil sketch or a writer a 5-10 word title only if creating a kind of “sample” for those orders.

If you sent a cancellation offer and the buyer didn’t accept or decline, it will cancel by itself when the time is up. It’s a slight “ding” on your record for a forced cancel, but an occasional one doesn’t hurt much. A 1-4 star review is worse and is visible to buyers. Even if Customer Support cancelled it for you, it wouldn’t be mutual, so it’s probably all you can do since you tried communicating.

Hello founthaunt, yes, I have ¨something I will do for base price¨ but, not a big project. and yes, my gigs has this nessage :¨
Please message me prior with the details of the project as I can then ascertain how much the task will cost.

It seems like a kind of blackmail from the buyers?