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Sellers putting fake buyer requests

I was going through buyer request , so i saw there a request in which buyer ways asking

" I need a logo for my client, due to a heavy workload I am unable to make it myself, first, visit my profile and start the offer with the first logo name on my profile otherwise your offer will be discarded"

so I decided to visit his profile and got that he is new seller and don’t have any orders on his gigs and he is saying that he is not able to complete works due to heavy workload.

I have seen so many new sellers spamming buyer requests to increase their impressions and click.

Thing is , because of these sellers some new sellers who are trying to get orders through buyer request loosing their chances because everyone getting 10 requests per day.

Is there any solution for these kind of Sammy people?


There is probably some YouTube Fiverr Guru out there giving them this bad advice.


At this time, no. There are several threads in the ‘Suggestions’ category asking for a report option in BR.


It is really bad work.
pen their gig and report them

Let them do it! Having a low conversion rate will probably drag them down the search pages.

If people are clicking on your profile (for whatever reason) but are not buying your services then why would Fiverr present your gigs for other potential buyers? If I’m getting a commission I’d wanna match buyers with sellers that are most likely to convert.

Ps: Freelancing doesn’t exist only on Fiverr so it’s possible to have 0 orders and still be knees deep in work.

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