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Sellers Read Requests Poorly

So frustrating as a buyer when you post a request for something specific and sellers have the ability to just SPAM you with offers when they clearly haven’t even read what you wrote.

There should be some sort of repercussion for sellers that are clearly just going into the requests and copy and pasting their gig as a response to everything. I should be able to go in and give them a review regarding only communication so that it prevents annoying sellers from doing this. Whats the point of posting a request when Ill just get the whole batch of sellers in that category messaging me when they dont even offer what I want.

While I agree with your idea, punishing sellers through a negative review over something so minor is quite harsh.

Instead, I’d love to see a “report” button. If the sellers receives 5 reports, they’re investigated and potentially suspended from sending offers.

I would say the idea in itself is too harsh, the thing is some sellers post their offers like looking for data entry job etc etc, So i presume its just a lack of understanding of English. A more better way could be instead of sellers offers being sent straight to your inbox could be sent to some other place and then you can go through each seller’s gigs and proceed with the communications with the sellers you feel who have the qualities and an option to ignore others.

Sellers get a limited number of chances per day, so at least they are wasting their own time. It’s pretty normal to glance through several “offers” to find one it two sellers worth contacting. You don’t find piles of real Rembrandts at flea markets, but there are gems in the bins if you keep looking.

Those sellers that just spam people typically end up with a bad review or two when they do make a sale. Once their rating drops much, they can’t respond to buyer requests. I wouldn’t mind seeing a report button as suggested, though.

It’s not that they read requests poorly; they don’t read them at all. They’ve read somewhere that they should send all the available offers every day in order to increase chances to sell their services, and they send them wherever (and then complain on the forum that they’re not making any “sells”).

A “report” button, like mrproofreading suggested, sounds like a great idea.

Good to know they are wasting chances… thank you for the info!

Sounds like a great idea!