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Seller's Request for Cancellation Seems Unfair and Support's Lack of Response is Frustrating

I have had a negative experience with my seller. The seller offered a custom gig to deliver within 10 days. I funded the gig and waited patiently.

Hours before the gig was to be delivered, the seller messaged me he was running late, but would deliver.

Then after the deadline had passed, I got a cancellation request stating that the seller was just too busy. I denied the cancellation request. I’ve gotten two more, which I have also denied.

I don’t want to just accept the cancellation request because I understand that if I do, the cancellation would be recorded as mutual and no negative feedback or impact is recorded against the seller. I did everything right as a buyer. It’s only fair that this poor business practice be reflected in his feedback and rating.

I’ve raised a ticket to Support regarding this issue. It’s been about 4 days and have heard nothing from Support.

Do requests for support fall on deaf ears?

Support it slow.

But if the seller is saying he’s too busy, why wouldn’t you accept the cancellation and move on? Yes, a bad choice to wait so long to cancel, but are you hoping to keep your money and leave a bad review?

I would want to not dwell it on or waste more time and money. I would take the money and forget it.

That seems pretty unfair on the seller, was it a basic gig or did you purchase a extra fast gig, if they offered it? I mean you buyers have to realize that we can’t always deliver or do gigs within your time frame, especially if we have 5 gigs with priority in front of you and I’m sorry but if your gig only pays $5 and we have 4 more in front of you that pay more, you’re going to be pushed to the back of the line, unless you pay for a extra fast gig or added extras, higher paying gigs will ALWAYS get priority, at least with me, sorry but I’d rather earn $10+ than miss out on $5, just the nature of the beast!
That been said I will always tell ppl this before hand, that’s why I tell ppl not to order a gig first but to get in contact with me, when I’m ready, I will let them know and give them a basic time frame and if they’re not happy with that, then they can purchase the extra fast gig, or move on and try their luck with another seller! :slight_smile:

Support is really busy and sometimes requests fall through the cracks. Go back to that same request and leave another message there, asking for an update on the situation. Don’t open a new ticket–that slows everything down. Sometimes they get back to you very quickly, sometimes they don’t get to you for a week. It really depends on the week.

That said, what this seller did to you was pretty crappy. I get it, fellow sellers. Things come up and you can’t always meet your self-imposed deadlines. That’s why you should work cushion into those self-imposed deadlines. This buyer obviously did contact the seller beforehand, since he got a custom offer. If the seller couldn’t deliver within the time frame he self-selected, he should have never selected that time frame.

As sellers, when other sellers behave badly, we should encourage buyers to leave them negative reviews–that makes the marketplace a better place. Being late on an order one time isn’t that big of deal and getting one negative review because of it won’t kill someone. Sellers who routinely miss their deadlines, which, again, are self-imposed, will naturally be punished for that bad behavior.

Anyway, there’s no way to really know what happened on the seller’s side of this order, but if we’re just going off of what the buyer posted here, I don’t think it’s fair or even relevant to tell this buyer they should have purchased an extra fast extra, or contacted the seller first, or even to just move on.

if you do not accept cancellation but you leave it for 2 days i understand that counts on the negative rating.

Take the money back and choose another seller!

I think your effort with CS will be in vain. Good chance they will tell you to cancel the gig

AS a side note: I had an issue about a month ago involving mutual cancellation. CS got involved and somehow CS messed up and dollars were lost. Turn out to be a huge time waster and loss of money. I think the buyer may of recovered their dollars but it took a while.

Guess its best to just accept refund and move to another seller as put negative or not, you still got to find another seller…

It sounds like you experienced the same seller as mine. I ordered a custom gig, told the seller I had a time limit (which was longer than I told him) as the site I wanted the work on was going to be moved and he agreed. Then he failed to read my messages. Failed again to get there in time. When I complained to him, he offered to refund my money by a certain date. Its over a month now and still no refund. I complained to CS and they said my case was closed. I persisted and now its ‘supposedly’ escalated. I wont use Fiverr to buy a gig anylonger as I am also a seller and never had a problem.

Update, so this issue is now resolved. Essentially this is my learnings…

If a buyer agrees to the seller’s cancel request, it’s considered a mutual cancellation and there is no negative impact to the seller.

So, buyers have to be savvy and know how the system works. In cases like mine, buyers should not agree to the seller’s cancellation request; instead, decline it. And when the deadline has passed, the buyer can automatically cancel the order as failed to deliver.

This does affect the seller’s rating. Actually, according to Support, it automatically places a negative rating. Problem is, this is not clearly explained in Fiverr FAQ’s and I think sellers are often more savvy about this. They know if they’re running into a bit of trouble, they can just offer to cancel and most buyers will just agree.

Even this is small concellation because I learned from Support that in the case of custom orders, sellers can opt to not allow ratings received from custom orders to show on their other gigs. Apparently this is not the case for normal gigs. Pretty sneaky.

Reply to @gailbunning: Exactly, I am hoping to leave a bad review and accepting the cancellation voids my chance to do that.

As @emasonwrites writes below: “when other sellers behave badly, we should encourage buyers to leave them negative reviews–that makes the marketplace a better place”

Reply to @r3k0d3d: The gig was a custom gig. The seller selected the deadline; it was his choice; his time frame – not mine. To now miss the deadline and attempt to cancel with no recourse is unfair.

Reply to @ssjordan: As I said, bad call on the sellers part but it seems like a lot of energy to waste.

Reply to @gailbunning: Don’t you believe that the only way a market like Fiverr can work is if everyone gives their honest feedback? It’s the feedback of thousands of buyers and sellers that makes the system reliable. It’s the same idea behind tripadvisor, yelp, rotten tomatoes and other top review sites – they only have value if we participate.

Reply to @ssjordan: I believe in grace. Sometimes things happen and we get behind and can’t complete orders. It’s not really your business why… but I believe in the benefit of the doubt.

I am gonna go with to each their own on this. You and I won’t agree. The ratings aren’t suppose to be based on service you might of had but service you actually had. ANd until I can cancel whatever order I don’t want to do/aren’t qualified/or don’t have time to do, it should be this way in my honest opinion.

Again, I believe waiting so long to cancel is not right but I think things happen.

Reply to @gailbunning: Thank you for your honest opinion. I think it contributes to the discussion and makes fiverr better. I certainly appreciate that you believe in grace. This could go either way; there is a time to turn the other cheek – you have got me thinking about it.

To your point that ratings are supposed to be based on service I actually had, I don’t think that is 100% accurate.

For example, say for the sake of argument you’re looking for a plumber and you go to (a top crowd review site for this sorta thing). You find ACME Plumbing; in reading the reviews you see a number of “Plumber never showed up to do the work,” “He never called back to perform the work”, etc.

By your logic, you’d argue that those reviews are inappropriate because the reviewers never received the service. I think most people would agree the reviews are appropriate and serve to warn would-be customers of ACME’s unreliability.

But yes, grace too has its place.

Reply to @ssjordan: Fair enough, I never pick a deadline I know I cant meet, which is why for most of my basic gigs they’re all a minimum of 2 days to complete, mainly because at the start I kept having buyers blindly purchase gigs without reading my instructions (still do of course!) and because of the time zone difference and working full time, by the time I’d be able to reply at least 10 hrs+ had already passed, so I was rushing to finish quite a few gigs, esp when I had more than 1 to do, so I had to change my min time to complete and charge extra for the extra fast gigs.

Reply to @ssjordan: I get what you are saying but there are lots of flaws in the fiverr system. For example, what if you order from me, it’s something outside what I do, I cancel as to not waste your time and you give me a scalding review for “wasting you time” for example. If I cancelled within the first 24 hours, and you didn’t contact me to see if I could even do the work, how would horrible feedback be right? Me cancelling the order is trying to save you disappointment and time.

Lotsa flaws. Regardless, I hope you get what you need.

Reply to @steveeyes: Yup, CS – a waste of time! :frowning: