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Sellers requesting more money after job has been completed?

I’m not sure if this has ever happened to anyone, but this has happened to me a few times.

I’ll message a seller with exactly what I need, for example, change the header on my website from x to x. They agree, and I place the order.

A day later the order is delivered, however the buyer said it took them 8 hours to complete the task and that $5 wasn’t enough for the service (this is after I left a review, so the aren’t saying “Give me more money or I won’t deliver”). I do “feel bad” that I’m paying $5 for 8 hours of work, however I NEVER request such hard tasks, and it may be because I’m their first buyer (I try to seek new sellers so I can be their first customer) so they don’t have much experience.

Keep in mind that I would have chosen this seller over others only because of the $5 price. What would you do in this sort of situation? I sometimes end up paying another 5 however I don’t feel this is fair for me as I had specifically told them what I wanted before purchasing and they agreed.

Thanks for thoughts.

If you have already received your artwork and the order is closed, then they cannot and should not come to you after the fact and request money. I’m a seller and I do not allow buyers to come after the fact to make changes. Either you pay to reopen the order or you settle with what you have. Same for you. You paid what was asked, them coming after the fact shouldn’t move/ guilt trip you into do anything. If YOU CHOOSE to tip them, then that’s fine, but if it was a job worth $5 then you shouldn’t feel guilty. You paid the fee that was firstly agreed upon by both parties.

If you have clearly stated what you wanted at first and did not ask for additional modification,
I believe you do not have to pay, even though the seller did take 8 hours.

I’ve had the experience of taking several hours for a $5 gig too, simply because it turned out to be
harder than I expected, but I didn’t charge extra afterwards, since it was my problem.
I did have a case where I asked the buyer to add more to the order after I found out that the gig
was being used for business purpose, and the buyer did not mention it first. ( not sure if he forgot,
or was trying to get the job done at a cheaper price) but he did pay in the end.

I’m not sure if you’ve already paid, but if you haven’t, I’d say don’t.
You messaged the person and told him what you wanted, he agreed to do it for $5,
so I don’t think he can charge you. Him taking 8 hours is his problem, not yours.