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Sellers Requiring "Positive" Reviews

Hey Sellers! Buyers are not obligated to leave you a positive feedback nor should your gig be contingent upon receiving such!

Yes, we’ve all had to deal with those that leave stupid feedback for the dumbest reasons. But it is what it is. I always wait for the buyer to leave feedback first and then respond to it.

Fiverr! Step up please and make sellers quit doing this. Its awful to know that sellers require this. There should be an easy to use platform for reporting these types of gigs.

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Exactly. It reminds me of those scammy eBay stores that give you instructions on how to rate them. Yeahno, your feedback will reflect your performance.

Are we still able to edit reviews over a 30 day period now or are we stuck with what we get now? Because that would explain the phenomenon a bit.

I might have one of those right now. He marked the order as delivered (without delivering product), and asked if I’d go ahead and leave positive feedback at that point. He said he’d deliver the product in a few hours. Anyway, after 4 hours with no actual product delivered, I just put it into modification status and told him he’s actually suppose to deliver a product when he places it as “delivered.” I didn’t mention feedback at all. So, now it’s been 24 more hours and he still hasn’t delivered or replied back.

I don’t know why they do that or how it would be beneficial. First, not many people would be naive enough to leave a rating on an undelivered product. Second, that type of behavior is more likely to make them get negative feedback. Personally, I’m not contacting CS on this as it just seems another hassle to heap on. If he still doesn’t respond in another 24 hrs, it will just go in the very late at which time I’ll cancel and it will automatically leave him a neg.

So, they really can’t force you to leave a positive without delivering what you ordered.

Reply to @typingservice: it depends on how you look at it, a number of new sellers require some good feedback to make their gigs more attractive to other buyers, most people will stay away from sellers who have no positive reviews on their gigs.

i personally just ask my buyer to, leave a good feedback, it doesn’t have to be 5 star but something that other buyers will see and be assured of buying from me.

It’s a foolish way to solicit feedback. They are basically holding the service or product “hostage” for a 5 star review. Yeah, they may get some 5 star reviews out of doing it this way, but they are risking a whole heck of a lot more if it doesn’t work. Being reported, receiving a 1 star review from those buyers willing to let the $5 bucks go to stick to the seller, not to mention a spike in mutual cancellations which may not effect rating anymore but definitely effects ranking…

(AND since feedback can be edited up to thirty days, this can backfire. A buyer can rate them at 5 stars to get the delivery, then go back and change it based on the negative vibes this whole fools errand provides.)

It’s asking for trouble no matter how you look at it. I don’t mind it when I have buyer not leave feedback. Rather have 20% of my orders go unrated than forcing every buyer to leave 5 stars and risk the above, which is MUCH more damaging in my opinion…

Reply to @typingservice @megatraffic @kjblynx: Which is not only blackmail but opens buyers up to fraud because marking non-delivery as accepted removes the sellers obligation to actually deliver. There is so much wrong with this behaviour. If I were to order a gig and had the seller demand I leave 5 stars before they’d give me my product, even if the work turned out to be a 5 star product I want to leave negative feedback just because of this appalling tactic. I have a huge problem with this issue. It might be worth telling someone in CS about all this so they might put a note in their Terms of Service against it.

Reply to @theslackjaw: Oh so the edit feature is still available! Great. Now I’m even more completely boggled why anyone would do this. And I completely agree (with this cancellation garbage as well, all that talk about mutual cancellations not affecting your gig in any way is such rubbish.)

If I were a buyer in this situation, I would leave my 5 stars, get the work, and leave a 4 even if it was 5 star work. It is PATHETIC and shouldn’t be tolerated.

Reply to @typingservice: Rate the service. In this case he delivered no product so I can’t imagine a good rating. As a seller I would never risk not delivering the actual product in fear of getting a 1 star rating and than the buyer going to CS demanding their money back.

In this case, the seller is an idiot to risk ticking you off and having

CS refund you for lack of delivery.

In other words, from the world of Poker, I would call his Bluff and take action. I would rate him 1 star and the feedback would be something like "WARNING: seller marks product delivered without any product and will not deliver unless you first rate him with a positive review – reported to CS"

Other buyers would appreciate the warning and it probably will kill future sales.

Hey buyers, why not demand a revision or a cancellation before posting a negative review? I’m not saying you don’t have the right to waste 5 bucks on work you didn’t like, but why do it?

I frequently sell a $105 package for a new Resume/CV and cover letter. I will ALWAYS send the documents as a PDF to gain the buyers approval.

I ask them to either:

A) Request a modification if they would like something changed

B) Mark the order as complete and leave a positive review based on their experience

After this, they’ll receive the editable Word document.

Is this wrong? No, not at all. In the past I used to send editable Word documents right away, only to occasionally be subject to fraud, such as “I don’t like it, I want my money back, this isn’t good, blablabla” – basically, any excuse not to pay. Since using PDF files, not one person has tried to pull a fast one on me. :slight_smile:

Reply to @mrproofreading: You definitely are not one of the ones I’m talking about. You actually deliver them something that they can still use. And if you make it clear at the beginning of the sale that is what is happening, then OK.

My question is, when they mark as complete, but don’t leave a review or leave a “less than perfect but would be considered ‘OK’ everywhere else on the web” review (4.7 or 4.8) do you still provide the Word file? Or even a straight up bad review, do you still provide the file? No judgement, I’m just curious.

The ones that get me ticked off are the ones who say, “Need a 5 star or you don’t get what you paid for.” I’m sorry, that’s not right. The “Five” in the Fiverr does not stand for a product or service for a 5 star review, it stands for five dollars. They gave them that money, the buyer deserves the product or service AND the ability to rate it as the feel proper. (As long as they are not abusing the system, which is a WHOLE other thread…well…a WHOLE other hundred threads if you search around these forums for five seconds.)