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Sellers responding to buyer requests

These “sellers” who post their request on BR, which they must not, what should we call them?

Exactly, even when I apply to an offline job, I usually write something like this:

Hi, I hear you’re looking for a copywriter.
Check out my portfolio at xxxx

Let the portfolio and resume do the selling. I learned that lesson after the day I got the following response:

“Your cover letter was really well-written, but unfortunately, we don’t like your portfolio.”

Others disagree, my industry is full of braggarts who love selling themselves, they will tell you every award they won, and they will call you in a week to see if you got their application. Maybe that’s why I rarely get along with ad people, I’m not that way.

ah… that is why, i never get respond in buyer requests. Thanks for the enlightenment

My business is 95% buyer request because my gigs are services that aren’t as popular on fiverr as say logo designing, or IT.

What I am seeing is that if I respond to a request that doesn’t EXACTLY match the description of my gig…I don’t get a response (and it is under the section where I do have a gig. It’s not like I’m claiming I can do voiceovers).

I don’t know if people think I’m just a one trick pony and can’t do anything that I didn’t make an official gig just for that talent, or they think I’m just chasing after their $5.

Sometimes you should give a try if the request totally matches your field. Considering 70% sellers are newbies and “I will build taj mahal for you for only $5” kind of people. You will still have a plenty of chances to get the job. You should never think it is a wall. If you’re good at what you do then you will always stand out.

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I saw several sellers saying they don’t have time, and they point them to their portfolio. You only get 10 replies a day, how long can it take. 5 minutes to write 10 custom replies.

A simple “Yes I can create your dog logo” followed by your standard copy. Doesn’t take a lot of effort. If you don’t put effort into getting business, why would buyer think you will put effort into their gig.

Standard sales rule, make it easy for the buyer to spend money. If I have to work to buy from you then I will move on.

When I reply I always customize the first sentence of a reply to their request. Then I may also provide a link to a specific example that matches their request. Works well for me.

Yes, it’s crazy how most people only copy & paste a phrase and don’t even read what the buyer needs.
Make sure you specify it in the request, maybe write in capital: “PLEASE READ BEFORE SENDING OFFER”. That will probably pop out more to their eyes and you’ll probably get less of this inconvenience. … So crazy!!!


I’ve have the worse experience with seller pro_zone who now has more than 40 complaints, always a problem he has and many cancellations to mention I subject never use don’t know why fiver has a hustler here bad for business-Joseph

Make sure you write a good gig description which make the buyer motivated to place the order, Use the AIDA model
A- attention
I- Interest
D- Desire
A- action
you can take a free course from the learn from fiverr regarding that.
-A good gig Picture
-sharing gig on social media
-use of correct keywords

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cordially thanked to you.your information is very grateful. I always follow.


Totally in agreement. I also have averaged about a ratio of 1:80 on buyer requests. And most of them are gone or taken within few minutes when your are still going through the requirements. Copy paster’s seem to have an edge for all the talks of personalized responses.

It’s just waste of time nothing else…
If we are not able to consider what actually the buyer want, why should we post request on it?

Thanks a lot to focus on this issue. Seller should find out the buyer requirement and response on the main things.Buyer also consider new seller for their project. It’s help the seller to show his/her efficiency.