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Seller's reviews of Buyers

It would sure help me and cut Fiverr’s CS expense if Sellers could see how other Sellers rate their experience with individual Buyers. I’ve had one too many Buyers who “shoplift” from me. These are con artists and it appears that nothing is being done to stop them.

I recently refused to do a revision for the first time because the request required me to “bend over” so to speak. There’s only so much we should be expected to endure.

Or am I missing something and there’s a place on the site where we can share? Or, is there a way to cryptically pass the message along to each other. Because I wouldn’t want anyone else to have to “bend over” for this Buyer from an island between Turkey and Lebanon whose moniker begins with a D and ends with a Y.

I asked for this just a week or so ago as there are some buyers I totally don’t want to work for. I mentioned earlier that I send 80% of all buyers away.

It is clear that Fiverr is more keen on protecting the buyer than the seller. So it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a external side where the very bad guys could be exposed, so that every seller can check it there.

I would also like to have the functionality of marking certain regions and prevent them from being able to order. In fact this is what a lot of companies (Paypal e.g.) do, but when I suggested it, I was told that I was a racist. Of course by a guy from Morocco who don’t even know what racism is. Ooops, did I just mention a region I want to block?

Fiverr could cut the cost of CS disputes and secure their future if they took your suggestion. If they fail to provide more security, the next new micro-job site that does will surely put Fiverr on the wrong side of the bell curve.

Fiverr did once reveal the reviews given to Buyers for a few days. Sellers everywhere were very happy until it was noticed that only the 3 star and up reviews were shown, so no buyer with a 1-2 star negative was shown. Even then, buyers complained bitterly and the reviews were removed. I am entirely for seeing everyone’s reviews from 1-5 stars (or going to a better review system) but as of yet, Fiverr does not seem inclined to do this.

There is a way to check up to a point, even though it takes some effort and isn’t flawless. The post on it is old so reviews don’t work quite the same way, but I know with a bit of careful Google-work this can still be done in a similar way. Here is the old post on it:

Better than nothing! There are people who have started off-Fiverr places to reveal their experiences with both buyers and sellers since you cannot post the names of either on the forum. I don’t think many of them have done super well since they never combined efforts, and even if they did it would be hard to trust what was said on them. That’s why it isn’t allowed on the forum, because people would write untruths about both buyers and sellers out of anger. Hopefully, though, the post I referred you to might help some.

This is funny. Fiverr first gives them the advantage not to show all the badness, then the rest complains because everyone can see their real face.

None of these privileges for the sellers.

You don’t want to know how many so calles ‘top rated buyers’ I told to eff off lately.

I think we all have to tell some top rated buyers no (as I will gently call it) sometimes. As far as I know that top rated buyer thing is only about how much money was spent and not anything about ratings. I am not sure if that’s been said anywhere official so I could be wrong, but I think it’s correct. Having money to spend definitely doesn’t make it any more likely that a person will be a good match for a particular seller. :slight_smile: