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Sellers Saying "Exclusively on Fiverr"

Okay, so I’m always seeing sellers (especially TRSs and Pros) saying that they offer their services “exclusively on Fiverr” or something along those lines. At first, I thought it was something they all had to do, but then I found that all of them don’t do it, only some. And there are no clear similarities between those who do and those who don’t. Does anyone know why some sellers do this? Is there some advantage or just something sellers do to be extra?


hahaha, the word" exclusively on FIverr" only means to attract your attention saying that you only can find their services on Fiverr , not anywhere else.
This have nothing to do with having advantage, there are just words coming from their mouth.


To be honest I’m using “exclusively on fiverr” only in personal chats when someone is trying to bargain a discount. In those cases I’m just saying that my services already discounted exclusively on fiverr.
So I guess those sellers might have the same logic :thinking:


It makes no sense. Half of those are lying anyway, like if they got contacted outside Fiverr through other means they would refuse a good deal lol. Most good sellers that make a living through freelance are on multiple platforms, have their own websites for direct contact, etc.

It’s considered a “good” selling point, I guess.

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Until relatively recently it was. If you tried uploading a gig video without this line, it would be denied. Probably the gigs you are seeing are all older gigs that sellers haven’t updated since Fiverr relaxed its rules.


how exactly do you know that most of them sell their services in other places as well ? How could you possibly check that ?

I know of at least 4 different people that are copying my gigs and even my cover picture and are using it on different freelancer sites…

I don’t get what’s the relevance of your last sentence…

Most of professional freelancers know better than to depend on a single source for leads. It’s bad business. If you need money from your freelance work to pay your rent, you can’t depend on a platform that can go under, ban you, bury your gigs in the search results so you get no leads, etc. It’s just a smart business practice to not put all your eggs in one basket.
I didn’t check it, I have no way of doing it. It’s just logical. If you can sell your services outside, from people contacting you through social media, website, etc. why would you pass on that opportunity to just be exclusive on Fiverr? Just to pay them 20%?

Fiverr is just a lead generation tool. But it’s not the only one. Now, if Fiverr gave sellers ANY benefit to be exclusive, that would make sense. If they paid a fixed salary on a contract, if they lowered the fees (10% fee for exclusive sellers for example), it could make sense. But it doesn’t - there’s no advantage at all to be exclusively on one platform. There’s no advantage to refuse direct business. So it makes no sense to claim to be exclusive on Fiverr. Exclusivity, in any job, comes at a premium - it must be paid extra or offer other benefits to compensate giving up other sources of revenue.

Some people may well be exclusive on Fiverr - in the sense that they get no direct contacts through other means. So they are exclusive, but not really by choice - it’s the only place where they can get business. That’s not a very appealing calling card.

"Exclusively on fiverr" this term is directed to buyers who they don’t know what they need.

This is true.

For me, it is the packages that are exclusive to Fiverr.

Yes, I do social media elsewhere, but I don’t make packages like I do here.

The reason I have “exclusively on Fiverr” is to provide another reminder that my packages are more cost effective than hiring a social media manager and to further incentivize a purchase.

People would be hard pressed to find packages of what I do somewhere other than a freelance marketplace, so why go elsewhere? It’s just a reminder.

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Makes sense if the packages are indeed exclusive. I don’t offer any packages, here or anywhere else, it’s always a case by case basis, so it doesn’t make sense for me.

Pricing for value is incompatible with packaged services.