Sellers selling their GIGs at Buyers section! Ridiculous.. :(


Hey Guys,

Frustrated by some really stupid sellers who are everyday placing their free ads everyday in " Recent Available Projects ", they are just wasting their time and thinking that they will get orders via doing this.

Everyday I open " Recent Available Projects " to send my offers and getting this type of people at first 5-6 posts, this is not done at all.

We as sellers has only 10 offers to put and sometimes by mistake we send offers to this kind of stupid sellers and we lost our offers.

I like to request Fiverr Team to please make some strict rule to stop this nonsense.


You right, same thing happening to me…


I wish Fiverr team do something to this


Same thread you are posting


This is absolutely right…


I almost did it (promote my skills at the buyer’s request), but I think it is not good for sellers