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Sellers sending Custom Offer

Hello lovely people, in the past few days some sellers have approached me by sending me Custom Offers, and I don’t know how the might think I need that kind of service. It’s kind of annoying actually, I mean, if I haven’t contacted you initially, if I haven’t really asked for your service, why would you send me a Custom offer?

Does that ‘strategy’ really works? What do you guys think? I’ve declined the offers and kindly told them I don’t need their services but it’s getting annoying and I don’t really want to answer them anymore, does that affects my Response time? (Just reading the message without responding).


No. That is a form of spamming which is wrong and Fiverr will terminate your account if you’re doing it.

Yes. You will have to respond to every message that comes your way regardless of how legitimate it is.


I understand, thank you for your response.

Yes, they are spamming. Fiverr will terminate your account immediately if you spam.

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