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Sellers - Serious Question Regarding Fiverr

What keeps people from creating new accounts and continually getting jobs for free, or from just paying $5 to leave anyone a negative review, no matter what work is done? This is a legitimate question. It seems as if there’s quite literally nothing in place other than a very feeble agreement to pay for work that’s been done.

For example: couldn’t someone just go create an account, get a $5 job, request work, then threaten to leave a negative review because they didn’t like the work, causing the seller to cancel and move on?

Rinse/Repeat, so on and so forth?

Someone, please enlighten me if this isn’t the case.

Fiverr can be pathetic at times, imagine a buyer orders and get the work done, leaving a 5 star rating, and after some long weeks, the already cleared and withdrawn funds was deducted from your account again for some feeble reasons, i had opted out of this community for quite a while now, buh just came back to see if things would have changed though

The accounts would need to be funded with a different credit card or PayPal account. But yes, there’s not much in place to stop that from happening.

Reply to @sara1984: What if it was just the same account using multiple sellers to get free work. In theory, you could just use most (besides Fiverr’s portion) of the $5 to just keep getting work over and over for just $.50 cents, and continually cancelling since there are no buyer repercussions or ratings. Right? No seller would ever actually know if they were dealing with a repeat “offender.”

Bottom Line - There is nothing in place to stop users from creating multiple accounts.

Point is there is not much anyone could to. IP addresses are unreliable as they can be dynamic, cookies can be deleted and even Paypal accounts are not a unique identifier since virtual credit cards are sold everywhere. It’s a common problem on the internet - no matter if on fiverr or forums or chats. If people really want, they can create multiple accounts. However, there would be no real point as I doubt someone would waste a lot of time to create new accounts, buy virtual credit cards to generate multiple paypal accounts and so on. I don’t think it would be worth it to anyone who wants to get free stuff, as the work involved to do that would not pay off.

yes, it happens, who cares. That’s life, there are criminals and low lifes everywhere. The fiverr community may just have a little more. People act like fiverr is a multimillion dollar site with tools to cover everything, give the site a break. I love fiverr and have had no issues with this.

Reply to @customrapsongs: Fiverr is a multimillion dollar site. It’s worth an absolute fortune. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re right though. Scams are pretty rare, thankfully.

Most people are honest. I’ve had a few scammers in the past and all businesses get hit with them at some point. Overall buyers on fiverr are incredibly nice decent honest people.

Reply to @misscrystal: Maybe, but this was waiting in my inbox this morning when I logged on. By the way, this is a $5 Facebook ad order. I’m copy/pasting it exactly.

“You’re sht.

“I’ve written for a Fortune500 company” you said."

"Yeah right. Pr

Reply to @customrapsongs: Why do I take issue? I’ve pocketed $40K on Fiverr since January, which by my math, is $8,000 I’ve put into the pockets of Fiverr. Yes, I deserve to be heard and I deserve to be treated with respect when it comes to Fiverr support.

I agree with misscrystal–there’s not really anything to stop someone from doing that, but even the most vindictive bastard will eventually get tired of harassing a person and will move on to a new victim. Sure, Fiverr will block someone from making multiple accounts, but in order to do that, they have to catch them, and that pretty much means other users have to report that person and provide the proof or that person is trying to use the same payment method that is connected to another account–not exactly foolproof, but I think Fiverr assumes that there will only be the rare psychopath that has the stamina for taking on that type of endeavor.

Reply to @levinewman: Report that user to Customer Support.

Reply to @catwriter: I have, but nothing will be done. Customer support is almost non-existent on Fiverr.