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Sellers shoud have options for rejecting orders like the buyers can accept/reject deliveries

Recently i have some bad experience with new orders, which were slightly different than gigs instructions. I suggest a new seller functionality - ORDER ACCEPTING. This will prevents from buyers, who orders some gig and then want something big and different. Then the seller have to tell the buyer to cancel the order (because it’s buyer fault). But there are buyers, who don’t want to cancel, because of their rating. And this is big problem. To skip this bad experience - we (sellers) just should have an option “Do you accept this buyer request” or something like this. It is the same as how sellers can accept or reject order deliveries. It is very annoying to see message, that says “The buyer submitted gig information. Time to get busy.” But - nobody read what the buyer is submitted. Just the seller have a new task to do. I had experience with a guy, who want a HD short movie with special effects in gig for meme. I think it’s stupid, such mindless orders to happen.

So, Fiverr crew, i hope youll understand me and in a short time will give us possibilities to reject bad orders (not cancel, which affects sellers rating).

And if some seller doesn’t want to work and rejects many orders - always you can review the rejections and if they are unfounded, then cut the seller’s rating down.


reject order = reject money

Thank you bachas85 for the good comment.

Btw right now i have such bad order with something, that i don’t offer and the buyer doesn`t respond … “priceless”.

Hope more sellers will support this topic and Fiverr gonna pay attention to the big problem.


I’m agree with your suggestion. My friends and I experienced many bad buyers, who are very demanding for only $5 (require work similar to gig extra while not ordering, or cheat to get more work with only 1 order, etc…). And the worst is that they keep continue ordering us with that demand. We just cannot reject and have to suffer.

I agree. Although that might probably lead to sellers complaining; not because their orders are rejected (as I think only a handful would, if they followed the guidelines etc) but because sellers might unfortunately abuse the system and take advantage of the fact that until they accept a order, they don’t have to start on it - the clock isn’t ticking. So they could have a 1 day delivery time on it, and just not accept the order until they have time for it.

So there should be some sort of deadline for that as well, say 3 days like with our order being automatically marked complete and there should also be some sort of “reason for rejection” field, just as I think there should be one for when buyers reject an order.

But yes, good suggestion! There needs to be more protection for us sellers too!

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Reply to @marsch001:

This is good tip. Thanks for the suggestion . I think the deadline should be 24hrs. The sellers want orders and revenues, so it will be matter of hours to accept the order and of seconds to reject :slight_smile: An even better solution would be to have only option for rejection. The order will starts automatically when the buyer submit the gigs information. And since this start moment, the seller should have 24hrs to reject if something is wrong with buyers request. This would be the most fair and reasonable (by my opinion).

Reply to @scotty69: I see what you mean now; I’m not sure how well that would work, but out of all the choices I suppose it is the most “fair” to both sellers and buyers; no extra time required from the promised delivery time (unless they have less than 24 hours) but still giving sellers the chance to reject. I suppose this is what exists now, with the cancellation (I’ve never done that so I don’t know exactly) only with cancellation your rating would be affected and with this it wouldn’t be.

24 hours sounds reasonable, yes. I hope it’s something that happens.

Scotty69 is right, fiverr should make some kind of sistem because there are many reasons for sellers to reject orders. Some people place orders at my gig without reading the description and without contacting me in advance. And i wake up in the morning with orders i can not do because they are not part of the gig and then i have to learn in 2 - 3 days to do them because if i cancel i affect my rating . Or buyers that you don’t want to work with again …and you tell them that you can’t make the delivery and they still give the order…

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OK. So…I get that. But I’m a Buyer. It’s all I do on fiverr.

And I’m a good one. Patient, precise, tolerant, flexible.

I have had several issues with Sellers simply not doing what was briefed and agreed to (point by point, with examples) for a specific quote (I don’t expect $100 of work for a fiver!)

Often, I get messed around before an order is placed. Here, one has no tool to inform the community of a poor pre-order experience.

But, to your point:

I have, right now, a live order for $40 based on a clear brief and specific quote. Seller sent me a ‘delivery’ on the due date with the words ‘stop countdown’. No files, no work…just that.

I requested the work and - eventually - I get a “sorry, the work is much more than I realised. You have 2 choices: wait another 5 days and pay $80, or agree to a mutual cancellation” message.

Remember, this guy claims to have delivered(!) and I have already lost a week on this (and rejected other quotes). My lost time also has a value. I believe this aspect of buying is much overlooked.

fiverr does not make it easy for a Buyer to deal with this sort of abuse of the system, in my experience.

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…and for the record, I never - ever - order without discussing the job with the Seller first. Any Buyer that orders ‘blind’ in this way and wants to vary the gig, even by a tiny amount, isn’t being fair on the Seller (in my view)…

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Reply to @pocketguy:

Hey pocketguy,

First, I’d like to say thank you for being a reasonable buyer. It’s not fair when your time is wasted. Any of us would hate a situation like that. I’d cancel and find another seller, don’t even waste any more time being patient.

I agree with you, we sellers really do need a reject option so we don’t have to keep submitting tickets when dealing with bad buyers who want extra work done without paying extra fee. And I think this idea will also decrease the number of tickets submitted by sellers, so less trouble for CS to take care of.

I really hope Fiverr puts attention to this issue, I have had one two many bad experiences where a client wants the world for $5, even if the instructions in my Gig are perfectly clear. It’s frustrating.

And pocketguy, sorry to hear about that terrible experience, As a seller, I believe that if you offer a custom order you should stick to it, even if half way you realize you misjudge the amount of work. It’s your mistake and responsibility to satisfy the client.

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As a seller you can reject whatever you want. I’ve rejected many, many orders over the past four years. But, you need to take precautions before starting the order.

Specifically explain in your gig description what you will do for what you are charging. If something is extra, mention it in the description.

If they ask for more after the order has been delivered, kindly tell them that it’s not included in the original order and is extra.

Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people on this platform that think its funny to ripoff sellers. So, stand your ground, be professional and don’t take any bull.

I was also lookin’ for this feature! on anther website they have this option I don’t need to mention any name here but I manage on that site whether to approve or reject the order. I think we’re not required to work with everyone we should have options like the buyers

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Hey guys, although I understand all the issues discussed here, as I am myself a seller and have bumped into pretty many situations, where buyer where to lazy to read the description and it lead to cancellation and many unpleasant situations with fiverr itself. Yet I don’t think the reject option sounds right.

Though we all tend for equality(between seller and buyer) let not forget that we are on different sides. We OFFER services and the buyer is the one ordering it.

Having a reject order sounds the same as if you go to Supermarket and the cashier will refuse to serve you.

It would be nice though if the Buyer would have a deadline when he can complete the requirements. Like for example "seller needs additional information before proceeding with your order. Answer within 24 hrs, else your order will be cancelled.

Or better for the seller to have a button that says he/she “confirms” to do the job according to the given requirements.

If the button “confirms” is not clicked, then the countdown didn’t start and that mean that seller might need more information.

After that seller with have a proof,what he has agreed to do.

The biggest issue as I see is buyer demanding extra work done for 5$. Here we go again, that’s fiverr politics, that’s how they begin. Get anything for 5$. As I remember correct they have introduced bigger starting prices for some categories, though.

This is very much needed as I’ve had many people order a gig without messaging me first as is required in my gig instructions. I’ve had some people try to scam me also.

Are you kidding me? Fiverr doesn’t have a reject option from day one? I won’t even join if this is the case.

You can’t reject receiving a job. But if the issue is that big, you can always contact their support and ask them for help if the Buyer won’t cancel it with you. I can see where it’s coming from, imagine a seller refusing to service you because you’re from a certain country or other? Fiverr probably wants to avoid that stuff.

thank you so much for sharing your experiences