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Sellers should be able to block buyers


I am extremely disappointed that sellers are automatically penalized for canceling orders from certain buyers. There are a few situations where I feel obligated to cancel an order, even though I have done nothing wrong, and I feel like the support team doesn’t care about these situations. They are unwilling to remove these cancelations from my seller analytics.

These situations do not have anything to do with me. For example:

  • Certain buyers are unhappy before even receiving a product

  • Certain buyers refuse to give details about what they want to receive in their order

  • I often have college students ask me to complete their homework for them, which I am morally against

  • I have had requests from companies that I do not agree with, such as a boudoir company, and I am morally against completing these orders

  • Some buyers do not speak enough English for me to understand what they’re asking for


Some are showing red flags from the first message.
Also, it is not possible 100% of the time for two people, a buyer and seller, to have a perfect match. It can be obvious from the beginning to a seller.


Hi, I believe you are able to block a buyer. There might be an option under the person’s message in inbox.


Those buyers, indicated above, might mostly ordering before any contact.


I have contacted the support team and they have said there is no way to block a buyer. They have told me I can cancel a buyer’s order, but it will always hurt my score and how often I show up in searches regardless of the reason for the cancelation.


Exactly. This happens all the time for me, where from the very first message I can tell the buyer will not be happy with anything.


Oh, thanks for letting me know. That’s pretty unfair to us sellers.


yeah exactly sometimes they dont give proper information about the project then how can we know what they actually wants.:scream:


yeah exactly …WELL SAID


Yeah, I had some buyers that bought the gig without talk first. I always explain to never do that again, And what I will do for a 5$ dollars. And I normally dont cancel since they’re wasting my time. And time is money. 5$ already pays all the time wasting in explaining things… (Consulting is too a work. People forget about this…)

I even receive a 20$ without them talking. And I explained to not do that again. And basically he wanted me to solve a JS problem, and I pointing him to the right direction and asked what he wanted me to do. He didnt reply, so 6h befor time ending, I still delivery the order. Since I still lose my time.

I never received bad reviews for that, since I always explain it all. The secret is to be always straight and honest. Even when they want to use you.


Really some buyers refuse to give details about what they want to receive in their order. Fiverr should protect us to take a step for this kind of unwanted situations.


In the past there was an option to block users, so we would put the user on our black list, and we would not be bother again. But we dont have that option no more :frowning: