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Sellers should be able to block certain buyers


As a seller it would be nice to block a buyer after having a bad experience with one. This wouldn’t block them from messaging but would block them from buying any gigs from the seller.

My most recent experience is delivering a buyer exactly what they requested. The buyer said it was awesome, but then went on to request a modification of the order which involved adding an element to the picture which was never discussed before that. I just want to block every buyer that does this so I don’t have to deal with it.


I agree 100%. This buyer is pulling a bait n switch. Asked me to setup social media pages and keeps saying he doesn’t see the changes. I have his login information and I see them very clearly. Has the nerve to be asking for a refund. I have went back and looked at this order and it’s correct but he keeps adding more “you didn’t add this” and is spamming my box! We should be able to to block those who we desire NOT to work with anymore! I’ll get a negative review for sure but OH I will make sure I let buyers know do NOT work with this person!!!


Yes I agree!!! Fiverr please start offering the “block” feature!!!


I have wished this only twice in the years I have used Fiverr and today is one. I have a buyer who ordered from me last month and ordered far more than I offered in the gig. I explained I could not do that work for the price and they asked me just to do what I can. So - I did. Then they complained that what I gave them was not good enough… I offered a mutual cancellation and they rejected it. I explained to them again I can not possibly do that much work for that little price (it was $10 for about 3 hours of work) and offered cancellation again - finally they accepted. Two days ago they ordered again - a different order - and pulled the same trick. I thought I recognized the name but when I started to do the work I recognized the same trick. I explained there was no way I could do the work for that fee and offered a mutual cancellation. They rejected and sent me a note DEMANDING I do the work - ha! Yes, we need the ability occasionally to refuse to accept future orders from a particular buyer.