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Sellers should be able to give discount codes


Hey everyone. I started selling on Fiverr on March and I’m almost a Level One seller.

I’ve always thought it would be really cool if you could make and give discount codes for your gigs to help promote and generate sales. You can do this on other digital product services such as Sellfy, and I think it would be a very helpful feature here. You can make the code (either type in the code yourself or have a randomly generated numbers/letters code) and have a page to manage your codes and deactivate them or create new ones.

I know you can just lower the price of a gig and call it a “sale” as well as do other things but being able to officially create and give discount/coupon codes for Fiverr could really help some sellers.


Here’s a previous discussion:


Thanks, however that thread is more specifically charging less for certain people, this is more about generating coupon codes through Fiverr.


Fiverr already offers discount codes to selected buyers - they are then free to choose which seller they spend it with. :slight_smile:


Sellers can offer discounts – of a sort – by lowering their gig prices from time to time, and making note of the short-term lowered prices on their gigs.

Sellers already have total control over the prices they require for their services.


Again with this discounts?

Instead, why don’t you offer to your clients to work the double for the same money as before?

I wonder why nobody is willing to work more instead of lowering the prices? Is lowering the prices (which are already ridiculous now) the only option?

Work more, offer to do the double, triple for $5 and then come to tell us how it worked.


Not to point fingers here but is the extent of sales ingenuity so abysmal that the best someone can think of is yet more discounts??

Seriously it is a race to the bottom and there is no end in sight once you let that rat out the cage. Give customers 15% discount and they will go to the person with 20%, soon it will be offered for free and customers will ask to be paid to give someone work. Where does it end?


I agree about the race to the bottom. I’m tired of hearing about discounts.
Prices are already extremely low. Think about raising prices, not lowering them.
It’s too desperate and buyers can think why would I want this for any price?

It’s really the opposite of how sellers need to think. Give a lot more, and charge more for it. I’m sure some sellers must realize not all buyers want it dirt cheap.

This air of desperation is not what makes a gig attractive to buyers.


Exactly, discounts are (to me) a very lazy approach to sales/business generation especially when that’s all that’s done. Exceptional companies and ventures have earned their success by being the best, not necessarily by being the cheapest.


Well said. Look at expensive Apple computers flying off the shelves. Buyers will stand in line to pay more for high quality.


Absolutely, and even then, Apple products focused on a specific niche for one but also established what their reputation is built on, and they catered to that market. In some ways, the iPhone was the creation of a niche that ousted BlackBerry off it’s perch at a time where it was believed to be irrelevant to market requirements.


Buyers see high quality in the brand and will pay whatever an iPhone costs to get that.

THIS is what sellers need to always aim for. The perception of quality and a price that matches that. Offering discounts especially on fiverr screams “I’m desperate and willing to practically give my services away. PLEASE BUY FROM ME!” This is how not to try to sell.

We are all still offering our services at a much less expensive rate than they are available elsewhere.


And in business where a seller is prepared to discount just to get a job,

“Familiarity breeds contempt”

Rings absolutely true, a customer who gets their discount (and one who pushes for it) will be more likely to be the pickiest while also providing the least amount of info.


It’s so funny. I’ve recently raised my prices. This is one of my best months ever. Fiverr is starting to consider “Average Price Per Gig” as part of how we rank in the searches.

This means those selling just “cheap” will get less views, and those who provide more value to the clients and charge more will see more traffic over time. It’s a win for sellers focused on quality and value, and a win for Fiverr if the price per gig goes up.

I see them pushing this message in multiple places, with category reorganizations, and Success Coaches discussing how we can raise prices to better reflect the value provided.

The sellers looking to discount more and more will see a drop in the rankings over time. A weak strategy longer term, harder to defend, and someone will always come along and be cheaper.

Sell value and charge for it. Find a way to add more and raise your prices. There are a large set of clients who understand the pros aren’t doing extensive work for $5 or trying to be the cheapest.

After the clients get burned by the cheap offerings, they look up market. You can be there to provide a quality product for a little bit more.


Exactly, I have said before the customer doesn’t always have a budget of $5, it’s simply how much they WANT to pay (read; they would still want it for free)


I would support discounts codes that I can provide to my repeat buyers if they purchase the offer within several days or so.

However I don’t like the idea of using it to lower our prices.


You can do it, but it takes a bit more work. You can give a discount code to buyers, and ask them to provide it to your inbox when making an order to get 20% off for example on their next order. Then just send a custom offer with that discount applied.


Exactly, that’s what I do now. :wink: