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Sellers should be able to reject orders

Sellers should be able to reject orders they aren’t comfortable with.

For example, if I’m asked to do a voice over for a video that could be used in some kind of scam, I should be able to reject that order without having to take a ding on my order delivery time. This is likely why Fiverr seems to be a hotbed for fraud and scams.

On at least 1 occasion a fiverr buyer asked me to do a section of their audiobook, only to take my audio and submit it to the REAL author on ACX as an audition under a different name. People have been asking Fiverr for this for years. Why hasn’t it been implemented yet?


I totally agree with you. I’m really liking to work with fiverr but can’t lie sellers don’t have rights, and this is bad.

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That’s True. I agree with you


I am SO SORRY that happened to you. I hope you’re doing better and okay, and that that scumbag didn’t/wasn’t able to get away with it!

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Yes - many buyers don’t send any message before buying a gig, they just buy it and you have to work on it, or it can affect your rates, when it’s not your fault. Sometimes it is possible to contact CS (for example, I’ve got some extra unusual order, that was all about illegal adult things, I was shocked) and they will cancel it. But sometimes it looks like a normal work, and when you get the details, you understand, that it’s not… And you have 2 choices - bad and extremely bad, and you never know, what is worse :confused:


But they did get away with it. Not with me in that one time, but with other people. They’ll just go on to try the same scam on someone else. They’ll delete their profile and make a new one. Fiverr does nothing about it and they make reporting a hassle to discourage reporting. If reporting was simple and user friendly, I’m betting the site would collapse from the volume.

This seems to be the main problem I’m having with Fiverr over other platforms for voiceover work. They don’t care about their sellers, and then legitimate users leave the platform and illegitimate users move in.

I’m not disagreeing with you that there’s an issue. Believe me, we’ve had our fair share of awful buyers placing orders that create an admin headache for us.

But… what you’re suggesting isn’t without it’s own issues, and the practicalities of implementing it are probably a major part of the reason why it hasn’t been implemented.

How would it work? Would I as a seller have to Approve or Reject an order before the order countdown clock starts? In which case, what happens to the many buyers who buy from us overnight, ordering 24 hour delivery? If they have to wait 8 hours for me to be awake and at my desk, I guarantee they’d stop buying.

Alternatively, you allow all orders to ‘go through’ to begin with, then give Sellers a Reject button, only to be used for orders like the ones you’ve mentioned. But, a button that allows a seller to cancel an order with no repercussions? I guarantee that would get abused…

Not to mention, buying instantly, ‘Amazon’ style is one of the key USPs of Fiverr. The whole point is you don’t have to speak to a Seller if you don’t want to. I don’t see Fiverr wanting to get rid of that.

I totally get why you’d want this - we’d like it too. I just think from a practicality perspective, it’s not as straight forward as you might think.