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Sellers should be Allowed to edit "Gig URL"


Sellers should be Allowed to edit "Gig URL"
Keyword Placement in the Gig URL is very important for high search ranking but Fiverr does not allow sellers to make changes to the URL once the Gig goes Live.


Perhaps that’s the point. :wink:

Fiverr doesn’t want people to game the system. But they do encourage sellers to build a strategy for how they wish to build their gigs/business.

Gig URLs are created when the gig is created. This URL defines the internet location of that gig. If you wish to have a gig with a different URL, you will have to create a new gig.


Gig url DOES NOT play a factor in gig SEO or placement/ranking.

:information_source: FYI


Fiverr does allow us to change the SEO settings - just like @djgodknows explained, this is what matters.



Indeed. Many sellers don’t know this yet, though. I think a lot of people missed the official announcement that gig titles, urls and SEO will no longer be the dominant factor in search results. Fiverr is moving toward gig tags for this… but there are many who are still operating (and sharing advice) based upon the format that is being phased out.

@grandmaa would appear to be one of these people.


Sir, How can Use this services?
“SEO Title”?
How can I write text in this field?
like #wordpress or @wordpress
OR like title my gig?



So basically the one thing that matters is that we have tags that are what we want people to find us under when they search. Is this correct?

I seem to have my gigs listed on google under the heading of the category I’m in which is astrology. I think this is something new.


Correct. This is what the Fiverr announcement seems to indicate. I’m sure there are still plenty of other secondary factors when it comes to search results, but the tags will be of primary importance, and titles, description text, etc (the important search elements now) will be minimized.


Gig urls never had any importance as they mirrored Gig titles; Moreover, Fiverr search is for Gigs not Web Pages.

Yes, meta-information seems to be lot more important now. I had my Gig jump from Page5 to Page1 upon re-categorizing it for appropriateness.


You cannot change a gig URL without eliminating that gig page. The URL is the address of your gig. If you change it you will not see your gig.