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Sellers should get an "accept order" button

We shouldn’t be objected to buyers we don’t want to work with. I never get a chance to talk to my buyers before the gig time is already running. I should be able to check the buyer out before accepting to work with them.

Or at least get an option to reject a past buyer for future gigs, some buyers really like my work and come to me first but I hate working with them so much I’m leaving fiverr for a while. At least until they forget about me.

Can we get an option to “accept orders automatically” so that we can turn it on or off? It would be a great addition.


Hello there,

Yes, i hate when a buyer pay and ask to do impossible things. And then i have to cancel it and lose reputation.


Exactly. I did that once and I lost my level one badge because I get few orders and the completion percentage dropped.
It’s really unfair…


I agree. Seller should have an accept or decline button. I recently lost ranking after cancelling an order. Someone ordered a gig but didn’t cost it right no way was I going to do it for the small order amount. I reported it and job cancelled by mutual. My regular orders stopped over night.


I agree at least there should be a better cancellation system. I have few incomplete orders which I don’t want to cancel because it affect my account but those were purchased months ago but I never heard from them


An accept order button would be the best option in my opinion, but if I could cancel an order without destroying my reputation it would be the next best thing.


It would have saved me a lot of problems if we had that.

The thing is that problem buyers can easily set up a new account if they are determined to place orders.


Maybe most of seller getting this problem. Without any message/asking or something some buyer order the gig. After order they said sorry, It’s mistake or ask to do impossible things. I already lose my level badge for this mistake. I agree with you. If there any option to stop the automatic order and stop the buyer. Really It will be good for seller.


I agree…,
This features will prevent scam buyer!
Accept button should be available for express order…, and not to custom order.


Me too support this. Fiverr must bring Accept/decline button on orders.


@jeffsantos793 AGREED.

Perhaps since the platform is now copying Upwork with blind reviews, they will also follow suit by copying the process of the Seller having the power to elect whether or not they will work with a Buyer.

I have yet again cancelled another order where the crowned Buyer tried to bully me into providing free work by threatening to cancel the order. I will not work for free or be manipulated.

As a result, my gigs have all but disappeared from search results and listings – no fault of my own. Have I notified and reported the buyers to CS? Yes. Will they do anything about my cancellation rate and detrimental ranking? No.

You are right. It’s unfair and unjust.

If there is a silver lining, it is that I don’t end up lending my voice and good vibes to scammers. I assume that these petty thieves run their businesses and their lives in the same unscrupulous manner. Each of us reaps what we sow.

Best wishes with your business!


I don’t think they’ll go for that. Around 10% of the orders monthly are those I finish begrudgingly and those I’d decline if I had a chance. It’s still revenue for the site and for myself, though, and I’m not sure they’re ready to lose it.

That being said, I’d love it if they gave us, like, 3 “free” cancellations monthly which we could use with no repercussions. It’s not too crazy of a number and it’d really help some sellers with fewer orders out.


This situation really sucks.
I now realize that this might be the reason I haven’t gotten a gig in almost two weeks. My gigs have been getting very little traffic, and I’m getting a little desperate because I started relying on fiverr for my income.
I shouldn’t have after seeing so many negative things being said about fiverr, but after getting a few gigs on my first couple of weeks I really liked it and trusted it.
My mistake, gotta hustle to make up for it. Seems like this website is a waste of my time…


I think we all want that, or most of us… but that is not just going to happen. The system always favor the customer, even if it is a terrible one… just like with the feedback system that changed recently


can anyone explain such favour towards the customer , i think we should be equal , as they have a risk we have it too . Just read about someone who fired a claim via paypal against a seller , can’t belive that there is such people .


This is quite frankly a pretty bad idea and goes against what Fiverr is. The chances of this happening are none to say the least.


I completely agree with you


Care to explain why it’s a bad idea?


The same reason Youtubers get the shaft whenever there’s ANY conflict of interest with advertisers. Companies just follow the money, and the “board” just sees numbers on a graph.


Tottally aggreed. I have received many times orders from buyers asking me to do something I don’t even mention I can do on my gigs. And then of course we have to cancel the order.