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Sellers should get an "accept order" button


You can block a buyer if you do not want to work with them again
They won’t be able to place an order


Or we could have refunds without penalty like we did before. If no work has been delivered, why should a refund hurt our order completion rate?

Right now I’m scared because my order completion rate is 90%. I’ve had 3 refunds since October, and 30 orders (last 30 days). So I get the math, 3 is 10% of 30, but it’s not right. Fiverr doesn’t want us to refund, but a buyer can keep demanding modifications or refunds until the order is marked complete. Then you reach out to CS, and they tell you to work with your buyer. What if your buyer doesn’t want to work with you? That’s why I just give up and refund, what choice do I have?


I’ve had three more “Top Buyers” trying to get free services in the last two weeks and threaten to cancel the order unless I do the work for free.

Unless an “accept proposal” button is added then this malicious behavior will continue. And those who truly care about the work they create will be unjustly penalized.

Why not institute this step?


Yes, I agree. Current system is utter nonsense.


omg yeeees! And we need to be able to check buyers reviews too, what if they’re horrible? And I’m stuck with a horrible buyer? Hmh…


Totally Agree! Some buyers are very rude and cheap. So there should be a way to communicate first before accepting the order.


yeah i agree with you


And as well, we need an “Approve requirements submission” button - rather than the order starting when the buyer submits requirements - It should start once we approve what they have submitted.

I have had many orders cancelled, because of buyers not reading gig description/requirements thoroughly (or simply ignoring them) - submitting the wrong requirements, then disappearing until they think it’s due - causing me to have to cancel, and or be late. Both of which reflect badly on my analytics.


You can already check buyers reviews, simply click on their profile.


if they place an order then it’s too late and my only option is to cancel and suffer rating. Rarely buyers message before purchasing, I have many who simply place an order, people I’ve never “seen”.


In that case, I would open a ticket with Fiverr support. It seems if you explain and have them cancel it on their end, this can weigh less heavily in your rating.


Yes, that feature would be cool and it will save the sellers from a lot of troubles they experience while going through the order requirements as sometimes they are incomplete, not correctly paid for what is requested by the buyer, or sometimes its a different service (ordered by mistake).

Fiverr should really work on this feature, A seller should be given an option to either accept/reject the order within 24 hours so as after going through the order requirements, a seller should make a final decision on that. After accepting an order, the timeline should start from that period only when a seller officially accept the order by clicking on that “button”. If the seller declines the order then it should not count in the cancelled stats because the seller has not accepted the order. An order number should be generated only after a seller officially accept the order.

This will benefit all sellers in the long run!!


It is a great idea :heart_eyes:. I also agree with it.If seller have an accept order button it help us to reduce our order cancellation rate :grinning:.Because sometime client give order without any discussion which is very disturbing :persevere:.