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Sellers should get an "accept order" button


Imagine a buyer’s frustration if they try to place an order and then have to wait for it to be accepted. Also imagine how half would have changed their minds by the time it got accepted. Eventually they would stop placing any orders.


Really, you said a logical suggestion…:heart_eyes:


Great suggestion. Me too support this :blush:


Yes, we badly need that feature.

Hope Fiverr will understand freelancers and bring that “accept order” feature soon :heart_eyes:


But it will not happen.


You can cancel incomplete order after 7 days it will not effect your ratting.


Incorrect, they can make a new account in less than a minute and place a order.


creating a new account is a totally different matter
but you can block a user on fiverr and prevent them from placing the order

and if they create a new account and use same card to pay or same paypal account for payments
they are automatically going to be deleted from fiverr for having multiple accounts

but yes there is always a catch
no one can do anything about it
scams happen


I canceled many orders because those orders were very ridiculous,for example somebody asked me to build complex website with 100$.
After that my ranking in search was down


Of course. That’s how Fiverr works. If you keep cancelling orders, your orders completed percentage drops. This is a performance metric, and, since the search results are based upon performance, when your performance goes negative, you lose “ranking” in the search results.

If people keep placing orders for services you don’t offer, or with expectations for more work than your pricing structure, then the odds are strong that your problem is a poorly defined gig that might be confusing your buyers. If you want to cut down on cancellations, and improve your gig performance, you may need to tighten up the wording and explanations within your packages and gig descriptions.

Don’t blame your buyers for being “ridiculous”, when the repeated problem may actually be your own gigs, and how you’ve written them.


Blocking a user does not prevent them from placing an order. It just blocks them from messaging you.


This is impossible to do when there are sellers who thinks and act like this is impossible. but it is not the truth. 5 or 6 months ago i raised the same issue on forum and no one was supported to make it. maybe we will fail. but we have to try as a community. :slightly_smiling_face:


In a perfect world scenario, that would be true. Unfortunately its even a “sport” on Youtube to troll fiverr users.


I completely agree, very good suggestion:+1:


I completely agree with you, very good suggestion


I’ve only gotten one buyer’s request so far and hoo boy am I fearing this situation. Fiverr probably goes by “the customer is always right” and if you’ve worked ANYWHERE to do with charity or art you know ■■■■ well that’s just some old gimmick some rich guy made up.

Welp. Time to assert myself before I need to :slight_smile:


What are you suggesting? That Fiverr is conspiring against you so you can’t get Buyer Request sales? What exactly would Fiverr get out of this?

I don’t know why it is so inconceivable to so many sellers that maybe they aren’t getting sales because there is something wrong with how they do business. Accept responsibility, evaluate, improve your skills and put the work in. Only then will you see results.

Fiverr would have zero to gain from preventing you from getting buyer request sales. A successful business person doesn’t accuse and blame others when business is slow or minimal.