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Sellers should get an "accept order" button

still waiting for this!!!

You are right bro!!! I agree with you.

@fastcopywriter you’re right, the last order i got bad rating just because i don’t deal with any of refund.

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@hanshuber16 it called spam and can leading into scam, broken loyalty and trust, it’s a cancer can’t be tolerate. :roll_eyes:

@ajmboarding I ever had this type of buyers.

Like if you want “Accept/reject the order button”

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It’s why the level system puts us in a bad situation. If we deliver, we might be punished with a bad review. If we refund, we’re punished with a lower order completion rate.

My suggestion would be to only do gigs where 99% of your buyers like your work, maybe 98% in some cases. If you have a gig that makes you a lot of money but 10 people out of 100 give you a bad review, that’s a dangerous gig.


Hell yeah! :heart_eyes:

I don’t want to write about some topics. They’re too specialist for me and I always get low reviews whenever I am asked to write about them. Examples: gambling, cryptocurrency, vaping/smoking, concealed/open carry. Plus in some places in the world, things are legal that are not in other places, and that could cause a big problem.

If every buyer had to pitch their work by messaging first, we sellers would have the option of checking out their previous history and any feedback left by previous sellers. Then we could advise whether we would accept the order or not accordingly.

we are all supposed to be free lancer, therefore, if we wanted a boss to give us orders, scold us and shout at us, we would simply look for a job for a minimum salary, but the reality is that we all have a talent or several talents and the buyers need those talents, in short, if the buyers have the option to reject our work and to qualify us badly, we need the same options, I think the balance has been a bit unbalanced so far.

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You are self employed and need to know how to handle people who are difficult. Most buyers don’t do what you are describing.


You don’t have bosses, you have clients. Clients can be nasty, if they break the rules, you can even report them, of course, I prefer to get paid so I’m not going to report anyone unless the behavior is truly egregious.

Besides, driving for Uber and Lyft have made me appreciate my clients on Fiverr a lot more. I’m not saying every passenger is a jerk, but how would you feel if someone gets in your car without even saying “good morning”? Like you’re beneath them? That’s not even the worst of it, there are passengers who will yell at you if you take the wrong turn. Of course, you can yell back, you can even be rude, but that’s not going to make you any more money.

It doesn’t work that way, on any website. In the bidding sites, it’s sellers who bid, not buyers. Nobody competes to hire a graphic designer, but designers bid to get hired.

Besides, you’re gonna get bad orders from very nice and polite people. There’s nothing you can do to stop them. You never know who you’re dealing with until you deliver the order, that’s why I’m no longer using “Deliver Now” until messaging the buyer, and writing something like
"This is my work so far, do you need any changes? If you don’t, I’ll make my final delivery."

This has improved my ratings. This gives buyers pause, and prevents them from giving me a horrible rating right away. Also gives me the opportunity to issue a refund, although that hasn’t happened since I started doing this.


@misscrystal Yeah, agreed with you, some of them also not read my gig’s description. The funny thing is some of them came with their own prices, lol. By the way, it’s fun for me to be a seller in here on Fiverr, maybe the buyers would like to try to be a seller one day :wink:

yes, its helps for all