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Sellers Should Have the Option Of Accept OR Reject The Order

One of the sellers here on the forum pointed out that he was hit by a sudden order, which was irrelevant to him or he was not able to fulfill the order due to “any” reason. so he will cancel the order anyway, and that will hurt his stats.

So I have raised this point here a few time that the sellers must have the option of accepting or rejecting the order to avoid this kind of situation.

What do you think?


Yes, fiverr is becoming a jungle where everyone can order a random gig and ask for a cancellation or force a seller to cancel the gig for NO reasons.
I just cancel an order from a buyer that order one of my gig but he didn’t know what the service was about and of course this will affect my order completion score.
We need to have the power to decide to accept an order to protect both buyers and sellers interests.


How the hell is this not a thing already?

Yes, it is painful. when a lot of order is in queue, you have to work hard for this. Some time it can be the reason for late delivery.

Yes, there must be a way to help sellers. I just got 2 orders from 1 buyer suddenly. Both of them different images to work which means double work in same time duration. I had to cancel both the orders.

Well the buyer is already paying when he initiates the order, so Fiverr won’t be able to refund the money. As a result, this will never be a thing.

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