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Sellers should not be allowed to leave a false negative


Sellers need to deliver what they say they will and not get mad when they are on here deceiving people with their lies, then once they get caught for not delivering what they were suppose to, they lie if you do not want to take away their negative like this seller here:

Seller: fragglesrock

who claims to submit press releases and does not. He sends to redirects and the links go in circles, had I been a a dummy I would’ve fell for this. He is not to be trusted.

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Just a quick question… How long ago did he deliver everything? Because i saw your comment you left for him and you said it didn’t show up in the search engine… There are a lot of factors that go into that and it all might not be the sellers fault…


You should work harder to get positive reviews any possible way you can. Once you have enough positive reviews, then a negative every once in a while won’t make a difference.


Well, to be honest: if he seriously doesn’t deliver it (but read twice what est1990 wrote), you can try to report it, or ask for refund.

But most of the time, buyer is the one asking for more than the seller can offer for the price, and leaves unfair negative review - two sides of one coin, you know.

Just be nice, try to explain why you’re not satisfied, don’t start with negative review until you know there’s no way to fix it. You both can be happy with result :slight_smile:


Funny,you usually hear this about buyers.

Edit : read both feedbacks, thanks for the laughs! You should learn how auto submissions work before you buy them. I can totally see you asking for more than you paid for (like resubmissions because you didn’t get the result you fantasized about).

Not to sound mean but nothing to see here folks. Would have sympathy but he was rude to the seller, asked for more, then called him out on the forums.


@dextensions Yes, you are right at your place. Honestly, if a gig you ordered was not delivered up to the mark then the seller has the right to mark it with a negative rating.

Auto submission gigs are quite easy but they are quite tricky too. So you can go through the way to use such gigs. Good Luck!


IF they never explained it right on their Gig description - yes I fully agree with you

But if they promised you something but even that you keep asking for more and more…

as my friend has this experience with every 2nd buyer…

So shall we be in charge of over delivering ( every time) something away bigger then just $4 ( as Fiverr takes $1)


Reply to @apicturesworth: A Picture’s I grow fonder of you every day!


Very disappointed in Fiverr. I have been a very good buyer. Now I have been ripped off

by fragglesrock! Resolution does not seem to help. I purchased 10 gigs from fragglesrock for them to do a 3D model for me. What they did was awful by their own admission. Now I am out $50.00 and Fiverr doesn’t do much to help. I am going to post these comments to my facebook accounts, twitter and make sure that my 4500 mailing list are made aware of this problem. I have dealt with mostly great sellers on Fiverr, but the good suffer for the bad when there are not systems in place to protect the buyer, when they are putting the money out upfront!

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Well I have been thinking lately. We (sellers) have the feedback and rating system, why not have the same for the buyers too? That way we can settle things where they stand and also avoid working with bad buyers. Seems fair to me.


I see what you’re saying on the regular and have had it happen to me a few times. In my case, the seller changed his order in the middle of my deliver so that he wouldn’t have to (or so he thought) deliver his gig based on the terms we had originally agreed, thus prompting me to order his gig. And then when he still wasn’t able to deliver his gig, he lied about the whole transaction and attempted to make me look like the bad guy after I leaving me with no choice but to give a negative account of our transaction … My question is, are people on Fiverr that broke that hey have to lie and cheat in order to make a buck? Also, it really ticks me off that Fiverr has a hands off approach to dealing with bad fiverr sellers. No matter how dirty a seller is, fiverr still sticks up for them.


Reply to @wehustle365_: To answer your question, people are that broke to make a buck? Yes. People on this site are from around the world. There is a reason why people work hard for 5 bucks,which is economy. Many of them lost the jobs and surviving making few bucks here and there to pay the bills using Fiverr money. In short, yes people are broke. Those who lie to make bucks are the one who lost their soul, thats the only difference between broke and those who cheat.


I think misunderstanding is one of the cause for these kinds situation. some time buyer thought he buy seller head for 5$ and some dishonest seller also responsible, but if you have enough sign of honesty then fivrr cs surly help you i think so.