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Sellers should not be penalized when clients cancel or fail to respond


Currently, seller metrics are negatively affected in any of the following cases:

  1. A client places an order for work that you do not provide, and you request a cancellation
  2. A client places an order for work that you do not provide, and they request a cancellation
  3. A client places an order, does not provide sufficient information to complete the order, and does not respond to messages

It is totally unreasonable that we are held liable for these situations.


I absolutely hate it too.
But if you’ll read the forum you will see what kind of sellers are dominating on the platform and you’ll understand why fiverr took this approach.

A lot of sellers here taking orders that they can not fulfill and as soon as they see client asking for revisions they are cancelling straight away so buyer wouldn’t leave them a review with less than 5 stars.
That pissed off a lot of clients and people began speculate that all reviews on fiverr are fake. (They see a seller with only 5 stars rating, they think he is great, at the end he can’t even understand English language and simple commands and people felt really cheated with that. Where in reality they have only 5 stars reviews because they cancelled more than a half orders they could not deliver)


One of the client’s I had mentioned something in passing, ‘that will help us weed out sellers who do not understand English’. That was after they wanted to speak off fiverr and I said Fiverr should add the feature for voice + video chats.

If Fiverr goes through this forum, they would definitely have a couple of ways to improve their platform so individuals who are genuine are not penalized for situations out of their control.


I agree with this. If it’s a mutual agreement then nobody should be penalized.