Sellers Should Receive a Full Tip!


There should be another way to prevent fraud or abuse without charging 20% commission on tips.


What does fraud or abuse have to do with anything that’s a monetary bonus?


I am not 100% sure, but max tip that someone can give you is order price. So max tip for $5 order would be $5. At least few buyers told me that before. So I really don’t know if that is true tho

But again, you are right. Even if that is true what I said, order that cost $100 would be split to $50 worth of order and $50 tip…


I received a $10 tip on a $5 order today. And $2 was taken out by Fiverr… so aggravating. Sellers SHOULD receive the full tip!
I realize this is old but someone will come in and click on this at some point.


Fiverr is your partner in all you earn including tips and they should be paid their 20% Without fiverr you wouldn’t get any tips at all.

I do not understand how people can be working on a website that allows them to earn money and think that some of that money should be all theirs and none go to the site.