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Sellers spamming my inbox by their service

I have created a buyer request few minutes ago in the graphic design category for some work to be done. And I actually regret doing so. Within just minutes, I got sellers spamming my inbox by their services…
Do these sellers realize doing so actually gives negative impression about who they are & the service they provide? Just like those people on Facebook who advertise their Facebook pages by replying to your written comments on random posts.
Here’s few of them.

Is there any seller on forum who does the same? I would really love to know what they are thinking about when doing so. And the problem is, the seller who is doing so is actually a level one seller.


I send my message with the offer that’s posted in the buyer request. Just mark the messages as spam :wink:

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It’s been discussed more than once! :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s been discussed more than once but unfortunately, zero actions were taken :confused:

A newbie question please. When a post has been discussed more than once. And then comes a guy like me to create another post similar to those created ones. Should it be deleted? I just thought about sharing my opinion too about the spamming sellers.

No - no reason to delete it. It’s always a good idea to see if something has been posted recently about it - with something like this, there have been many discussions about it - hence the poll being made!

It’s when posts from ages ago get added to they become zombie threads and get closed! :zombie:

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh I get it. I’m sorry I never joined a forum before. Only gaming ones :smile:
Thank you for informing me! I’ll take care next time. You can close the post since there’s tons of other posts talking about the same issue. (I guess you’re a moderator. Right? :thinking:)

Have a nice day! :smiley:

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You’re welcome - have a great day as well! :sunny:

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No wonder why I don’t see many decent buyers on Buyer Requests.

I see the problem… you’ve misread what they’re saying. They aren’t spamming you, they just want a simple massage.


I’m sorry but this response makes no sense.

From the image - message = massage. :wink:

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This is called Barter trade - A massage for a logo, and $5 travelling expenses extra.

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It’s a joke, the buyer made a typo from message to massage.

buyer request section is crazy now. there is no buyers only SELLERS has posted.

I can’t remember that I started a massage business on Fiverr :thinking:


aah! That’s actually funny! I am laughing hard right now :joy: :rofl: :joy:

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