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Sellers Spamming Other Sellers

Has anyone else been getting spammed by other sellers. It seems like everyday I am receiving messages from other sellers asking me for work. Today one seller messages me stating, “You are a top rated seller, you have to much work. Please send your buyers to me”. Then, the other day a seller states, “How did you become a top rated seller. Can you promote my gig so I can get some sales”.

I am sorry but this really irritates me. When I was a new seller I did not spam other sellers. I looked around the forum, asked questions, marketed, and read articles on the web. So, why would someone feel that other sellers would send them work for something that they can do themselves? Does anyone else encounter this?

Rant over!

I get those sometimes and I try not to let it bother me. I wonder if there is a way you can block them when they first message you to avoid hearing from that person again?

I report all of the messages. I think that stops them from contacting again but I am not sure. This is a daily thing for me now and it is quite annoying. I receive enough spam in my email and now it is leaking through on here too.

victoria91 said: This is a daily thing for me now and it is quite annoying.
That's because it's FAR easier for people to whine and beg from those they feel have all the advantages, rather than do actual work to achieve a similar goal for themselves.

The silly twits~

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