Sellers spamming the buyer requests page


Since I am a new member, I try to get my buyers by sending them offers through the buyer requests page. I just wanted to make sure I’m not the only one annoyed by all the people who repeatedly go on that page to ask for work.“I can do photoshop work, please contact me”. What is up with them actually? Don’t they know that buyers only are supposed to submit requests? Isn’t this information specified in Fiverr’s Help section? Or do they actually think they can get buyers this way? Am i the only one that thinks these sellers should be reported? Shouldn’t there be a “report” button next to a fake request in order to make people stop posting them?


I wondered about that as well but this is the most i have seen in one go wow. I wondered if they got a lot of orders that way? Maybe Fiverr will address this at some point


I don’t have an active gig, therefore i cant see the buyers request section! but i strongly agree with you (Y) its annoying somehow, i hope Fiver will take some action soon.


Reply to @kjblynx: I wish I knew how to do that! I have gotten some good sales from buyer requests and to @lilianarice I hate the spam too. As far as the spam, I wish we could flag it and after a certain number of flags it would come down until a staffer reviews it.

Sometimes when I do an offer I get a buyer that writes me back annoyed that my gig isn’t a perfect match or that their request was for something I only do in extras. I tried the offer to get their name and that worked, but when I tried to message them it said I couldn’t contact them. I can if they are also sellers, but most of the ones I’ve wanted to contact were buyers only and I couldn’t message them unless they had written to me. Do you know a workaround? Thanks.


Yeh megateam is right


Reply to @kjblynx: Ah yes, I gotcha. Still hoping for a way to add a message in reply to buyer requests. Maybe someday! That’s a good idea for the spam sellers there, though.


I agree there should be a “report” or “flag” option next to buyer requests. Not only are some people spamming the buyer request section with gig ads, but there’s also the problem of people asking for completely illegal requests! There definitely needs to be a way to flag these inappropriate “requests”. See my post: "Suggestion: FLAG option for buyer requests"

Suggestion: FLAG option for buyer requests