Seller's STATUS on the profile page (like fb timeline or twitter)


Hi! I’m a newbie at Fiverr and I enjoyed doing business here. I love sharing my skills and talents to fiverr people. The reviews and ratings are very motivational that keeps us seller do our best more.

We’ll my suggestion is just a little help for fiverr sellers. I just have this experience of telling buyers on my inbox one by one about my current status. I would like to suggest to put something like shout box on the seller’s/buyer’s profile regarding their current statuses, one like how twitter or facebook does it.

Hope this little thing will help improve the relationship between the buyer and the seller in this amazing social marketplace.

What do you think of this, fiverr people? :slight_smile:


Only if it’s an optional feature, like we can turn it on or off. If it automatically shows our status, I don’t want it. Sometimes I have maybe five minutes to be online, and if someone sees I’m online and catches me at the last minute before I log off, I don’t want them getting all upset because I didn’t respond within a certain time frame. It’ll turn into, “But it SAID you were ONLINE. Why didn’t you respond right away?” Or if I’m online with the window open but doing other things, the same thing could happen.

But if it’s optional, and I can turn it on or off, then yes, it could prove useful, as I could turn it on when I’m actually both online AND available for immediate (or near-immediate) response.


Reply to @goodgift: In other words, there should be an “invisible” status which trumps the others. And, at least the ability to pick between “available”, “busy”, “invisible” etcetera.

I would prefer a manual option rather than an automatic one.


That’s why I think it’s better to post our status (like facebook or twitter posts) if we are not available or for any kind of reason.

I just had this experience of mine when I was not able to respond immediately because the internet signal was unstable due to really bad weather at that time.

If only there’s a status posting feature on our profile page then I could be able to shout:

"We are having bad weather today, so my internet is unstable as of the moment, I will get back to you immediately once the weather becomes good."

Then, my clients will know that I’m active yet just having some troubles on that period.