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Sellers stealing/reselling others work?


I recently started on fiverr and created this account to simply come rant with anonymity. Recently I was approached by fragglesrock to do some work, and seeing as it was work I was glad to oblige. I now found out he/she has been taking the jobs I do and reselling them to their own customers, as their own, for a higher price! Is this something that is a known problem on fiverr? If so, this is ridiculous and is a practice that needs to be stopped. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

Sheriff’s note: I understand your frustration, but naming other users is not allowed.


they are called “flippers” and most likely this is whats happening…they go to craigslist, they find people saying they have a 250 dollar budget for say…a logo…then they will have YOU make the logo for 5 dollars and sell the logo you made for 250…these are the scumbags of the planet, and if I even for a second suspect that it goig on with one of my customers, I cut them off and NEVER deal with them again.i also warn warn everyone about them. there ought to be a law against this kind of dishonorable bullshit


here’s how we beat them…put on your gig that your art is for personal use only and in order for them to get a logo or art from you that hey can use to make money with, they must purchase a 40 dollar commercial license from you if they plan to use it in any kind of money making venture, then, if they don’t buy it and you see your logo somewhere you can sue the scumbag into the ground, I should know I’ve done it 3 times already. Paid for alot of my gear that way.


Actually if you don’t want them to use your stuff for commercial purposes you have to state it in your gig description, if you not it just becomes buyer property after you get paid according to fiverr’s tos. But i am not sure this will stop them from doing this. Better just up your price.


Reply to @davidlustrup: I’ve never flipped anything myself, and have always been a buyer on Fiverr for graphics editing. Your contract with your buyer is to make a design for a fixed price ($5, $10, etc). If the buyer pays the price, the end product is his. He’s free to do whatever he pleases with it.

Way I see it, flipping isn’t dishonorable at all. It’s called arbitrage. Find a need somewhere, and find someone else to do it cheaper than you would yourself. Flip the product or service for a profit. That’s how people make money on collectibles, old cars, or business process outsourcing to India/China. If you haven’t explicitly stated that the product is not for commercial use, then good luck trying to tell the buyer he was wrong.

Personally I don’t see the point of indicating that a design is for personal use only. Most people who hire graphics design services fully intend to put that on a commercial product/website. If you don’t like the fact that people are finding guys who’d pay them several times what you charged, you can find those higher priced buyers yourself. Who’s stopping you?


My take on this topic is a little different. I do get a little bothered by knowing someone sold my service for a higher price, but after giving it some thought I realize that I’m really only upset because I wasn’t able to sell it myself for a higher price.

If someone has done the work to find a market to buy a service at a given price, then they find someone to sell the service to them at a lower price so that they can make a profit, then that’s actually a great demonstration of entrepreneurship. It’s smart business.

After all, I set my prices. If I think I can get more, then I should raise my prices… not be mad at someone for paying me what I asked for and then figuring out a way to make money off of my offering.

Most of my buyers are businesses. So it is understood that they are looking for my service as way to boost their business. If a shoe store owner uses my $5 video to boost his shoe sales by an extra $1,000 per month, should I be mad? Should I feel taken advantage of? But he’s making money off my video… that’s not fair, right? Of course it’s fair.

The only way I see it as wrong or unethical is if they are violating a licensing agreement or some sort of copyright. Otherwise it’s just business.

Just my take on it.




I would like to clarify my frustration towards the situation. This was a seller on fiverr that was forwarding, quite literally copy-pasting his/her orders over to me as he/she would obviously be able to make money easily this way as long as I was charging less than what she was. My frustration is that I am fighting ‘artists’ that are reselling my work as their own, in the same market. If someone found a gig on craigslist for 250$ and paid me 5$ todo it, that would be fine by me because that is a gig I am not directly competing for. However, on fiverr we all compete for the same clients and as such I am now having to compete with myself through this 3rd party seller. Obviously I have cut this seller off and refuse to do work with him/her in the future but I wish fiverr took more seriously to this activity and took better care of its sellers- considering we are what fiverr is built upon.


I guess it would depend on what they are reselling. If it’s a specific file, like an ebook, then that would not only be uncool, but also illegal.

But in my case many people re-sell my traffic for significantly higher prices, so I’m totally cool with it, as they get the traffic through me. Those are orders that wouldn’t have happened otherwise, so it’s only extra earnings.

But you could also sell re-sell rights for extra charge. Like order a gig extra of $40 twice to get re-sell rights for whatever the gig offers.


If you have a problem with resellers, send them to me! A great many of my best customers are resellers that I have worked with for years. This is what Fiverr is based around. A buyer may buy a video from me for 100.00 and resell it for 300.00… I have no problem with that whatsoever. In the making of that video, I might have need for an actor to film a clip on greenscreen, or for a voice over. I will buy these on Fiverr… so everybody wins. I get my money, the people I buy from get theirs, and the reseller gets his. So what’s the problem? It’s called business. The internet is full of “marketing firms” who actually have no idea how to create the product they sell, so they come to us. You don’t think Wal-Mart produces everything they sell, do you?


Well said @blackfolder.


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Isn’t this type of behavior illegal or better yet problematic? For those who say its not a big deal it will more than likely become a big deal especially when someone sees the logo that is doing business with the client that requested the logo. The same goes for written content.

Mainly clients that have requested things from sellers that say they do their own work but retrieved the work from elsewhere not only cause trouble for the requesting client but the client’s customers. The customers are the driving force of any and every business and when they see something that doesn’t look right they won’t hesitate to report it.

Despite the rights of use going to the client the work itself is still the property of the designer. And when someone passes this work off as their own they’re infringing on the designer’s work.