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Sellers, Stop Begging Other Sellers For Work

One of the things that chaps my a$$ is getting an email notification for a message that I believe comes from a buyer but is really from a Fiverr seller begging me to “share my success”.

Sellers… stop begging other sellers for work. We had to work for our success. Why do you feel entitled to ask us to share our buyers with you? Did we ask others for help to get us to where we are?


We got there on our own merits, using techniques that worked for us. We did a search of how to get exposure for our gigs to increase our buyer pool using the forum and other things. We competed with thousands of other gigs to become the best of the best.

Now, you need to find your footing in the Fiverr realm to overthrow us… if you can.

And, when you’re begging for this work - it may be a good idea to have unique gigs that don’t have gig descriptions that have been copied from others. If you’re asking us to hire you for our “extra” work and do this, we’re not even going to give you a second thought.

We’ll just report and move on!

While most of us don’t mind to help you via the forum, offering tips and whatnot, you’re wasting our time with the messaging system. But, before you go posting how you can get more orders and whatnot, read the forum first. And, if you’re still confused, perhaps then it’s best to get help from forum members.

yeah true, they keep bugging if I reply to them so i just report them :wink:

Same here, sister…

What do you report those people as? I mean what reason? What rules are broken? I would like to report a couple of them myself.

Being “popular” comes with a price. New sellers want the top spots, but using the wrong tactics to do so. Those who practice these methods typically don’t last long and get impatient. Eventually, they just move on, or get banned for violating the terms of service.

These who beg for work by spamming are not only desperate for a few bucks, but willing to break the rules, willing to beg, anything but actually doing the work of making a decent gig.

Wonderful post but I really had to collect my thoughts and focus after reading about your a§§ chapping. It is just the laugh I needed for today.

I hope you got some cream for that.

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While I really don’t understand the goal of begging for work, I usually reply to them with some tips. In 90% of the messages they thank me and say “bye, thanks”. The other 10% worry me though… “but how? show me please? give me? please sir?” and yet they are having 1-2 gigs that are too generic and don’t offer anything skillful nor quality.

Everything is new to them.

In the past few months, I have received few of inquiry(actually offer), where the seller beg me for related work. As I’ve experienced, they beg for similar work which you do. I think they still amateur and don’t understand what a message mean here. It’s pathetic. Will suggest them to keep their mind busy to optimize their gig where their targetted buyer gathering so they will start selling immediately.

What got me about this latest Fiverr seller asking for me to share my workload was that she’s already got 5.0 stars underneath her belt. She’s still a newbie, but she said it’s because orders have dried up and she was hoping that I’d share my workload with her.

Um… no.

I did, however, mention a few tips including not to copy others’ gigs and using different photos for each of her gigs. That was the best she’d get out of me.

no… no lube for it… LOLMy aSS is just as chapped today as it was yesterday :smiley:

They’re violating Fiverr’s Terms of Service. In the part called “Phishing and Spam”, it says: “Please respect our members privacy by not contacting them for commercial purposes without their consent.”

You can choose “Trust & Safety” ticket category, and then “Reporting Bad User Behavior”. Or maybe others would suggest something else?