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Sellers, stop doing this

While I’m brand new (first day here), and most definitely a seller, potentially, I could be a buyer too, but not of the freelance services I provide. You see I’m not only a freelancer, I’m also a small pubilsher, and sometimes farm out writers, game designers, illustrators, editors work to other freelancers. I certainly won’t be faking buy requests to my own services, as a crude form of self advertisement. Honestly if the posts I make (like this one), my introduction thread, link to my Facebook page or my Artstation Gallery doesn’t sell you on my capabilities, then you just don’t need my services. Fake marketing won’t be an improvement to the reality of my work, which sells itself.


Yes, I do see some at my section but now it is not much here as before.

We need to tell people doing that to stop because it against the rules.

Good helping information

Thanks a lot for the suggestion…

Thanks for the sugesstion :smiley:

This was a helpful post for everyone.

I have bid buyer request I can’t get job because long task but find low cost. I agree with you stop advertising your services in the “Buyer Requests”…

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thanks for sharing these

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I have got a lot of Buyer request same this. I think this type of seller waste my time.

thank you| have a good day :grinning: :grinning: