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Sellers stop posting about your services in buyer Request


Dear sellers who are new and not know what is buyer request
Buyer request as the name suggest is for the buyers and not for the sellers
If you post about offering your services than it is like a spam because no buyer can see that, he can only see your gigs, not the buyer request section so what is the use of that
If you don’t know how to use Fiverr than go to community than academy and see the tutorials or you can comment on this forum I will help you but please stop posting about your services in buyer request , Make some gigs the buyers will automatically attract to you
Hope you will understand and make buyer request a clean place for posting genuine buyers request


Its very annoying. I had to tell one of the sellers not to post. Yet these guys keep doing the same thing.


Also sellers stop spamming the forum with posts of links to your gigs. No one will ever buy this way I can assure you.
You are allowed to do that in My Fiverr Gigs only.


Perhaps the way to solve this would be for Fiverr to have all new sellers go through a mandatory training process immediately after signing up. I’m thinking the sellers who post there just genuinely don’t know. I could be wrong. Or I guess an easier solution would maybe be to put a large and imposing warning on the buyer request section warning only sellers (if this is possible to do without regular buyers seeing the message) not to solicit sales using that area.

I don’t know just brainstorming :slight_smile:


As long as there are all ages and education levels this will be happening. Sellers can be as young as 13.
(I did not put in a capital L or a semicolin and the site will not let me edit those out.)


I just wanted to post this. Quite new here, but I’ve managed to find a few buyers to work with via buyer requests. As far as I can see it’s a fantastic way for active sellers to get their foot in the door when they don’t have the levels and the reviews that the top dogs have. However, possibly 3/4ths of the section are actually just offers.

And these get offers in their own right. So is it just confused sellers contacting other sellers? Or does it actually work? I’ve seen some highly rated sellers doing this, so clearly there must be something in it.


I think part of the problem is a language barrier. It would be fine if everyone spoke good English but they don’t.

I am very sure that there are some people that think that section is where you request someone to buy your gig. And that is why sellers post there.

Sure I am sure some spam, but I have read enough posts from people on here who do not know English and/or their English is really bad (and they do not even know it) who would for sure make that mistake.

I think it’s also a reason that many people advertise in ‘Tips for Sellers’…


Maybe suspending their accounts for one day will get them to stop.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: yeah Fiverr support should send some warning messages to these sellers


Yes Its really annoying. Now there is more sellers request then the buyer requests. hope fiverr will do something for this.


While this may be a logical suggestion, it’s not a practical one. It takes a great deal of work to police Fiverr – even just these forums – to keep the spam at bay. Going through all of the buyer requests and issuing temporary suspensions is a much bigger project then you may realize.


I’m a new seller, and while I have many questions on other topics, this seemed obvious to me. I have been very frustrated by all the sellers who post in the Buyer Requests forum, because like everyone here said, it seems obvious to me that it’s for BUYERS to post and sellers to respond to those requests individually.


Agreed! I’m new and I’ve always seen Buyer’s Requests as exactly that. But it gets annoying to filter through sellers placing “ads” there.


Lovely advice!


Well, it looks like it was changed to “See Available Projects,” but I’m not sure that helped. Or I just happened to hit it during a large influx of “here’s what I’m offering on Fiverr” posts.


Then assign more volunteers or mods. I am sure there are many people that would jump and offer their help for this. I think there are many renown valued members of this community who are in good standing, have a flawless track record who can be approached for such a task. Split the work evenly, amongst different people in different time zones. It’s all just a matter of organizing it properly, getting the right people involved and doing what needs to be done.

Alternatively you can set up a system that automatically does this job for you. These spam posts all have a similar wording and it’s easy to weed them out automatically. Then manual modding automatically becomes less work and the only thing you’d have to mod is the mods themselves - spot checks.

Last but not least, change the system ! Make it or design it in such a way that people actually can’t “Misunderstand” or ABSUE the concept of this buyer request feature. Implement safeguards and “form options / buttons / etc” that make it close to impossible to bypass. Offer it in different languages so that it is clear to people when they choose something.

You could for instance disable “posting in the buyer request” for sellers, BUT have a option in their account to switch to “buyer”. This way, when in need to post a request, sellers could switch over and then again be reminded of what “buyer request” is really about - and about the consequences of misusing the tool. Obviously you’d have to make sure you can clearly distinguish between sellers and buyers.

Then again, who reads these forums ? You’ll never see the ones we are complaining about come here. How many people who are active buyers and sellers actually come here ? Rhetorical questions…

Lemme setup a gig : “I will delete spam from buyer requests” :

basic gig = 100 entries for 5 $ …
0.) provide 100 more deletions $ 20
1.) provide thorough deletion list $ 5
2.) provide in depth geographic analysis of offenders $ 20
3.) contact and inform offenders of offence $ 20
4.) extra fast service $ 20

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


And so do I, but I am not frustrating yet, I only wonder that it is not allowed, then why Fiverr admin didn’t stop them? Before I read this post, I thought that maybe I should try the same way like them if it is really allowed and effectively to do… haha!


That’s also my question…


How many people who are active buyers and sellers actually come here? Hmm… “How many” is one of your question… because I am the one of the active sellers, then you can count me on…


Yes, Sellers should not post in buyer request. I think mostly new sellers are doing this because when they are spending time and not getting any order so they try this option. There are many sellers getting issue about their gigs are not getting listed in any category even they can not find through Search in Fiverr.

I hope fiverr will update and fix the issue of not listed gigs.