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Sellers stop posting about your services in buyer Request

I wonder why people do that while it’s against TOS of

It’s my second day at Fiverr and this thing was constantly bothering me.
I tried to do the same, thinking that it was a norm, but my request was reletedly rejected.
Why weren’t the other 16 seller requests rejected ???
It is very confusing

I keep seeing seller requests instead of buyer requests as well. :frowning:

Buyer request is “post a request” in fiverr and not the seller will post any thing on is only for buyer so called Special request if anyone is not able to search the will help in finding the correct service. I m correct or not.

I am a new fiverr member. I would like to translate English to Bengali and vice versa.when I go to my page it shows, “Hi, Nazrul1983
Request the service you are looking for. Post a Request”

When I post a request in the ‘Post a Request page’ then fiverr gives me message that reads,“Your request was declined. Review and modify it.”

Pls. help me solve this problem.

Yes! It’s too much annoying.I have been a FIVERR TOP RATED SELLER.I OFFER ALL TYPES OF WRITING SERVICES.I accidentally deleted my account.And now as I have started again today, there is no legitimate buyer’s request in the section.There are only those seller claiming to do the work.

I was just posting a new topic about this untill i saw this post.

I totaly agree, this needs to stop indeed. I think that Fiverr how sad it is shud disable the sellers from posting in the “Buyer Requests” Selection OR put a warning in there that the selection can only be used to buyers, not to sellers to promote their gigs.

If you want to promote your gig to other people then please share your gig on one of the many Social media pages in the world, write a blog, or start working with SEO, but for the love of god stop posting in the “Buyer Requests” selection. Thank you so much.

Yes, PLEASE Fiverr, do something about this issue.

Some sellers i thinks post there to get traffic to their gigs

It will be good if fiverr can do something in curbing seller from posting in buyers request

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There is absolutely no request from a buyer today for writing - only “requests” from sellers! So annoying!!! Why does Fiverr not take any action against this bad practice?

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Have you already voted?

They are spamming here too.
Why not to create for them “Sellers Request(Offers)” ?
They can spam there.

As long as they are spamming under “My Fiverr Gigs” it’s OK. If they do it elsewhere then moderators will correct it.


Yes. I hope Fiverr will do something about this. When I checked it more than half of the posts are from sellers :frowning:

I honestly thought I was alone in this. This is my second time trying out Fiverr, I have never seen an actual buyer post a request in that section. It’s mindblowing how this is allowed. Is there a filter or something I can use to find real buyer request so I can know what people want to buy on Fiverr? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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I thought fiverr checks all the buyer request manually before letting them post. How can this happen.

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Now there are 10 or 20 percent buyer request and others 80 percent are spam.
Maybe most buyer message directly to few sellers.

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ok i understood thanks