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Sellers stop posting in buyer requests


I’m new on fiverr and whenever I open up buyer requests page,there are dozens of posts of seller statements such as"hey,I’m a good writer,contact me".
I’m fed up reading such requests,I mean if you are so desperate to get order then why don’t you submit offers to buyers instead of creating your requests.I wonder why fiverr does not ban such accounts.


Hi, It is Human’s common nature. They thought they will get sales but it is totally wrong. They misuse this feature. I do not know why Fiverr does not take action against them.


Yeah,seriously.It limits other seller’s chances.


So many of us complain about this for months now and still nothing is being done. Please someone sort this out thanks


Help me getting a project. I am a newbie.


There are tons of advises on sellers page.Go view them


Hi Emma,

Send a message to Customer Support and let them know how you feel as they are the one’s who authorize the posts. I don’t think there’s much that can be done about it.


Thought the requests get moderated before approval. Wonder how they get past the radar…


you are right my dear


not only that but some people just post incredibly bizzarre posts like: show urself on cam but i have no money???

weird stuff


That is totally useless.Because after all, it’s the sellers who submit their response to buyer requests. So it’s totally worthless.


Yes, Some of Seller Use this features to promoting gigs, but its a really against of fiverr TOS, and fiverr need to take actions against the issue and Also, fiverr need to Place “Report” features in this section, Then if any one see any promotional gigs in “Buyer Request Section” then user will be reporting through.


I’m quite new on Fiverr myself and this phenomenon is even more problematic if, like me, you are trying to establish yourself in a small niche. I rarely find anything in the buyer requests section, but when I do are mostly spammy comments…


Some new sellers do not know the etiquette. I say create a gig that tailors to the sellers that do this and submit a request to them.