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Sellers, STOP spamming buyer requests, for God sake!


It is doing more harm to your profile than good by spamming the system. Stop selling your services in a section dedicated for buyers. What is wrong with you people??

Why are you so desperate to sell everything g for $5 and even mention it in buyer requests??

Sellers, or I’d say spammers, you are posting your requests in a section for buyer requests, where genuine sellers like me look for work. Eventually your requests are only viewed by other sellers and not buyers.

Your article writing services cannot be sold in buyer requests. You are eventually spamming the system and making it worthless for everyone else to take use of.

Make gig videos, introduce yourself and professionally promote your gigs. But NOT in buyer requests!


Really, Agree with you. sometime am getting confuse with it.:smiling_imp: thanks for your post.

I have seen this when i gone for the first time to check to buyer requests and when i saw there was some advertisers as well the first thing i thought was they could be new sellers who thought this was a place to advertise or request for work, and yes it makes things difficult, but i don’t think these who does these things will ever see this post unfortunately.

Do you honestly believe that sellers that spam the buyer requests will use the forums? I think not, so stop making these threads.

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Er - I think it is a public forum, so any member can post what they like, so ling as it’s within the ToS. If it’s out of place, then mods will soon be along to tidy it up.

Yes, it is annoying that sellers are posting in buyer requests, and yes, there have been many threads about it before - perhaps that shows the strength of feeling from genuine sellers that something needs to be done? :slight_smile:


It’s a good pint but there have been multiple threads made on this exact topic. If anyone still needs more info on where the situation stands right now check out this thread: