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Sellers, stop messaging me with “hi.” I’ve gotten 14 freaking messages from different sellers today that just say hi. I respond, ask how I can help, and they tell me to help them make money on Fiverr. STOP IT! I am taking time out of my day to respond to your messages that I could use to help my clients. Instead, I am spending that time explaining to you what SPAM is.
Leave me alone unless you plan to buy one of my gigs. I am not getting paid to coach you on how to be successful. I get paid to write for clients.


“Hi”, If these happening on the forum, you may flag :triangular_flag_on_post: them, Moderator Team will look on it. For Fiverr Inbox, you simply can write a nice Message & save as quick response. Whenever you got these unwanted “Help Me” just send one and hit the report button.


Or, you can just report it as spam and move on.


Heres what I do: Click report, then spam. POOF!! they disappear!

I wonder why this kind of spam comes in waves (at least for me). I’ve been bombarded over the weekend as well. Before that, I don’t think I got a single message like this for 3-4 weeks.


I just had another of these messages. I sent a response, then marked it as spam, and my response rate dropped to 99% from 100%. Do you know why this would happen by chance? I haven’t missed any messages.

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Check spam folder, some time system forgot to ignore them :crazy_face:



A new wave of sellers just started their “Fiverr careers” after finished a course that promised them riches if they create some gigs, perhaps. Or a course that encouraged them to message “seniors” and ask them for advice. Or they’ve finished that course 3 days or 3 weeks ago, aren’t rich yet, so they’re all messaging you.


I get waves of these messages as well.

There’s definitely a Fiverr guru sending their students out to do that.

I’m guessing we are getting fresh graduates each time.

Those messages coupled with all the aspiring VO artists who send me messages asking me for work, have forced me to have a strict 1-strike policy.

I report every single one of them. And I have a templated message for each case.


I do not envy you for the amount of spam I bet you receive. I’m not even a huge success and I am getting bombarded.


Got one last night.

Buyer: Hi
Me: Hello. What’s on your mind tonight
Buyer: How are you doing?
Me: All good on my end. How can I help you?

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Can you send me a link to the course if you are referring to a specific one?

The most annoying thing is that the VO artists that spam me all the livelong day, are being coached by their success managers on Fiverr to do so.

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I’m not referring to any specific course, I just remember that there were forum posts about various courses giving awful advice.

Wait, what? Their success managers are telling them to beg you for work or something?

Are you serious about this statement being there or are you being hyperbolic?

Because I suspected it for sure was written somewhere by fiverr themselves. And it’d explain so much.

Well not beg per se, but they openly advise them to seek out successful animators and ask them to collaborate.

Which is in clear violation of Fiverr’s ToS not to mention really bad advice.

Why on earth would I send work their way?

They think that as long as they have a mic and a booth, that’s all there is to it.


It’s a problem not worth wasting your mental energy over. Just learn to live with it. Create a quick reply template. Whenever anything starts with “Hi, I’m new here, please give me work”, click send and then report as spam.

Train your mind to auto-ignore that and not waste any thought over them. It’s the only way. Anything else is a waste of time.

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I don’t remember something like that being written by Fiverr themselves. I mean, there’s official advice that’s outdated, but I haven’t seen this one.

I was referring to “courses” made by “Fiverr gurus”. You know, of the “make money online without any skill” kind.

Ouch. I have to admit that I’m guilty of doing something like that myself, though in my defense, it was years ago, and I was still new(ish) to Fiverr. Few VO artists have contacted me and asked if I needed their services or if I’d collaborate with them, and I told them that it would make more sense to ask animators, because they might need their service for their videos. They were all very polite and actually seemed like they might offer decent quality.

I haven’t done it for years, honest!


I was one of those sellers :roll_eyes:
From my perspective then I just wrote a message saying I would like something more than generic advice I find everywhere and that I don’t force anyone to respond to me with anything useful. Just write hi or run your fingers through the keyboard if you don’t have time and I won’t reply so as not to affect your response rate.

That was just my point of view.

If we look back far enough, will we also find posts of yours advising sellers to stay online 24/7? :slight_smile:


Absolutely not. Sleep deprivation is torture.

Not to mention that I loathe the idea that anyone would take for granted that I’m available 24/7. I’m definitely not.

(I know that you’re joking, but someone else might not :slight_smile: )