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Sellers Taken Over Buyers Request Section

It’s really getting out of hands, as many sellers taking full control of the Buyer Requests section. If fiverr fails to do something to stop this, they would be surprised to see these desperate sellers gain entry to CS, and start posting there. I think the main reason for this act is too many sellers entering into Fiverr. Lol!

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ROFL! :joy::joy::joy::joy:

The main reason is too many unethical and unreasonable sellers entering into Fiverr.

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I personally am getting bored with more seller request instead of buyer request in “BUYER REQUEST” Portion…

I, personally, am getting tired of new sellers constantly complaining about the other sellers posting in the Buyer Request section, and then claiming that if it isn’t fixed immediately, it will destroy Fiverr. It won’t. You have the ability to find your potential sales elsewhere. If you aren’t finding enough BRs to respond to in the BR section, then perhaps it is time for you to start thinking about promoting your gigs off Fiverr. Don’t worry about what other sellers are doing. Concern yourself with what YOU can do, and work from there.

I personally message everyone of them I see and ask them not to do it.

So annoying.

Out of the 3, 1 is in French and the other 2 are sellers.

Yeah, every time I see a BR, I get happy because someone is requesting a job you can do but then you realise someone is promoting.

Getting. out. of. hand. :expressionless::neutral_face: