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Sellers That Ask You To Cancel To Avoid Negative Feedback


Maybe I’m missing something here. I am a fairly new buyer, but in 2 of the 5 gigs I purchased there were issues. One was not being delivered on time. The other was to provide a unique logo that was clearly a rip off of a major national brand. They both asked to have the order cancelled and if I did, then I couldn’t post negative feedback. Sounds like an intentional marketing ploy on the part of Fiverr. I don’t like it.


No, it’s just common sense. Someone is looking to make you whole. That they also don’t get negative feedback is a benefit to them. If someone habitually cannot deliver, they won’t have a business here, that’s a self correcting problem. Now, maybe someone can pawn off some rip off logos from time to time, but again, quality and creativity is it’s own “limitation” and will not make that sustainable.

if it was just a bad sample for you, then might as well get you money back and let them go on with their business in tact.


Oh and Fiverr Corporate stays as far away from the interactions of Buyer and Seller as possible. So it’s not a "marketing ploy"

And frankly, that kind of anti-marketing / anti-entrepreneurial language is concerning to me. if you needed a logo for a business you have, let me suggest to you, that you to admire and value marketing in all its forms.


If you did not care for the work and were not going to use it, then the seller was doing you a favor “giving you your money back.” Just saying…